FS: Japanese style supergun with 2 sanwas

I need to get a cab. This is as good as any other custom supergun you could hope to find. It works with 99% of the stuff out there and is fully fused and diode protected to keep your pcbs from getting fried.

RGB (Commodore 1084 pinout) supergun
RCA sound out
CPS2/3 6 button support.
Coin buttons 1 and 2 on front of gun.
Compact PSU with enough power for almost anything
2 modded Dreamcast Agetecs (with boxes) - Sanwa JLF sticks, OBSF buttons and offical Capcom vynil overlay. Wired for DB15 pinout.

Price is $350 plus shipping or best offer. If you want the monitor, it will be an extra $50 plus shipping.






Thanks Mike

Bump, price is 400 plus shipping with the monitor!!! Insanity, I know

You will not find a better supergun for the money anywhere. Trust me, I built it.

Excuse my lack of knowledge on these rigs, but what purpose do they serve? Are they strictly to play arcade perfect games? Do you stick one of these in a cabinet? Seems reasonably priced for all that you get.

I wouldn’t really call it a supergun since it doesn’t have an RGB encoder that let’s you play on regular TVs. You have no choice but to play on that small monitor (I have one of those too). Also, isn’t the picture a bit jittery on that monitor with CPS2 games? You should really add an RGB encoder to it, find one here for $25

Nice sticks though.

nice sticks and supergun. wish i was hardcore enough to want one of those.

quick noob question, is this type of setup supposed to be ‘better’ than a console rig (ei, noticable response time)? making your own supergun seems like quite a bit of work. not to mention modding two dreamcast agetec sticks to match.

anyways, sorry for the tangent but nice setup!

hey burning vigor, how good is that converter? I’m thinking of building my own supergun and the only step I’m confused about is the converter. How much would I have to pay for a really good converter?

And crap guys, this deal is like insanely good D:

Well, quite frankly, RGB is all you should ever play arcade games in. I would be willing to add a video converter for 25 dollars. The picture is not jittery at all, everything is grounded properly and it looks better than 90% of the cabs I’ve seen and any US cabinet. Anyone who is interested let me know, basically you get a kick ass supergun for 375 plus shipping that has a video converter!

If I wasn’t going to Kyoto, I would so go for that Supergun, but of course get ST elsewhere for it. :frowning:

can you use the 9 pin Rgb on a bigger monitor, i.e. which monitor brands can you buy, 29" and bigger that support it?

Any Low res monitor will work it, so pretty much anything made in the late 80’s early 90’s. Check craigslist in your area. I also have a 20 inch rgb but shipping would kill you.

I’m impressed that your Commodore 1084 Monitor still works. Talk about quality from back in the days. If you buy today’s stuff you’d be lucky if it lasts 2 years lol.

Things are awesome, RGB, S-video and composite, beautiful colors, TATEable for verticle shooters, perfect geometry. Awesome little displays for the price.

Yes! ST is the reason I built this thing, I hated all the substandard ports at the time, but it’s time to move on to Astros.

I’m a little newb to the supergun thing. Would this be able to work with naomi stuff, or just cps2/cps3? Also is there such a thing as a 9 pin to 15 pin converter so i can plug it into a regular vga monitor/hdtv?