FS: InPin converter, custom balltop

InPin PSX->PS3 Converter sold

Custom Numbski balltop “meteor” $20 shipped
Mostly gold, about a third is blueish/purple. Looks sort of like oil in water but not iridescent. Never used, bought for a project that fell-through.



Contact: PM or email at jsbegy-at-gmail-dot-com

I got a pelican adapter


Hey man, I’d love for you to hold that InPin converter for me if you could. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can pick it up right now or not.

Question though…I keep reading that InPins are great, just as good as a Pelican…so why are you selling your InPin and want to buy a Pelican??? :frowning: I’d like the InPin but I’m a bit weary if you don’t want it, ha ha.

My stick has some sort of PS1 PCB (still working on determining which) that does not work right with the InPin. I tested the InPin on a dualshock 2 pad and it worked perfectly. Esjihn is ahead of you on the InPin but I will contact you if it falls through.

Ahh yeah I’ve heard of that issue.

Alright, thanks! :tup: Let me know if it becomes available!



inpin sold

pics of the meteor balltop please

balltop pics coming tonight or tomorrow

bump for pics

bump for inpin becoming available again

Couple of things:
You’re not supposed to bump your thread uness you dropped the prices at least 5%
And regarding your inpin issue? Your stick probably has a non-dual shock ps1 pcb. It’s what I have and I got the same problem as you.

Yeah I found out it’s a digital M pcb. Unfortunately the official converter thread does not mention the fact that it won’t work.

And I bumped because the InPin is re-available. Sorry mods for not specifying.