FS: Huge lot of Rare Sticks, Custom Byrdo Case Etc

Comic-Con TE PS3 Brand New. Price 220 Shipped

Mint Rare PS1 Tekken 3 stick with box. Price 50 Shipped

Rare Sammy PS2 Stick for Guilty Gear XX with Box 50 Shipped.

Awesome White Case Custom made by famous byrdo fit for psx pads. Price 120 Shipped.

More to come.

Ascii Optical stick shipped:SOLD
VSHG 200 SHIPPED: Not for sale right now.
Mint Namco Stick shipped:SOLD
Mint Namco Stick Shipped:SOLD
Mint Namco Stick shipped:SOLD
GOW 3 PS3 games Shipped:SOLD
Agetec Stick Shipped:SOLD
Saturn Ps2 Pad Shipped: SOLD
Ascii Joystick Only Shipped: SOLD
3 Meshballs One Blue, One Black, White one, Shipped Each: SOLD
Flash 1 Sticker, Yellow and Orange Meshball Shipped: SOLD
Grey, Black Meshballs Shipped: SOLD
Rare Femme Fatale TE for Xbox 360 Shipped: SOLD
Sega Saturn Twin Shooter Shipped: SOLD
White Version SSF4 TE and SSF4 Game too for Xbox 360 Shipped: SOLD
Wii Pcb Shipped: SOLD
Toddles Ps3 pcb Shipped: SOLD
Hori V3 SA PS3 Shipped: SOLD
Mint Namco Stick Shipped: SOLD
EMS Total Control for PS2 to DC Shipped: SOLD
Inpin for PS2 to PS3 Shipped: SOLD
DOA 360 Stick Shipped: SOLD
JP DC console Shipped: SOLD
Agetec and Namco Sticks Shipped: SOLD
Saturn Twin Shooter Shipped: SOLD
Hss-1030 Base Shipped: SOLD
Namco Stick Shipped: SOLD
Dual pcb Shipped: SOLD
Zebra Case Shipped: SOLD
Hrap2 SA pcb Shipped: SOLD
Agetec Stick Shipped: SOLD
8 Tekken 4 buttons Shipped: SOLD
Vshg Stick Shipped: SOLD
Neo-Geo PS2 Pad Shipped: Traded.
Sega Virtua Stick ps2 Shipped: SOLD
Custom Prime Case shipped: SOLD
Saturn Pad given for free: FREE
PS2 Dual Shock Pad traded: TRADED
Hori Premium VLX PS3 BNIB Shipped: SOLD
Namco And Sammy Stick: TRADED

Also changed title for sell.

how mint is it? ive seriously been wanting one of these for a while (i’d have to buy it though)

Its very mint condition no scuff or scratches on the case as u can see on the pic. Only the buttons have the scratches like more uses play. If u want it let me know.


This is a very good deal. I’d just on it if I were ya’ll!

V3SA is the new hotness but VSHG is forever!

I’ve never even seen one up close… :frowning:

Its very mint condition and if u want to buy it let me know. I need this gone soon.

Thanks Markman! i have V3 SA already but thought one more doesnt hurt but i changed my mind now. The stick is for sale.

When u see one up close u will have in love with it and will want to buy it.

Added new item and more to come.

as much as i’d like to jump on the VSHG now, im finishing up my first build, and i want to get done with that before dropping any more coin on more sticks.

good luck selling it soon though

good luck with sale meus

some good shit right here

as an owner of both of these sticks i can atest to their glory

Willing to trade for the Namco? :wink:

Sure Markman.

Bump added new item Ascii stick.

Didnt these things retail for like $70? They are real expensive now! I want one though…

which stick u are mention about that was 70 dollars for.

International shipping by USPS?

yes but by international shipping by canada post with tracking #.

Wow that’s a great deal for a mint VSHG!
I’ve been looking to add another one to the collection and I would have jumped on this quick If I hadn’t just donated to the Chris Hu fund :shake:

Good luck on the sale.

Thinking real hard about getting that VSHG…

When u ready, let me know u will not regret getting that vshg.

Do you ship to APO/AE? I got some tax free Afghanistan deployment money to burn =)