FS: HRAP2 Practically New

Selling my HRAP2 because I use my custom finkle stick more often. The stick only has about 1 hour playing time. Looking for $90 shipped. Includes original box and stick.

Accepting paypal only. I have good feedback trading on this forum, so don’t be worried about getting ripped off. :slight_smile:

Edit: $80 shipped…pm me.

Can you put up pics? I am very interested.

You can still use most PS2 sticks on your PS3 with no lag, the HRAP 1 & 2 for sure. You just need to get the Pelican PS2>PS3 adapter that’s available at any Gamestop/EB, Circuit City, etc. It would be the simplest solution rather than selling the HRAP 2 and purchasing a HRAP 3 or VSHG.

I didn’t mean to crap on your thread or anything. I just thought you should know before selling off your stick.

Nevermind on my inquiry, I just got one for $80.

Bump. Price lowered.

NVM, decided not to get another stick. So tempting though.

Someone buy this!!! :smiley:

about the hrap2

PM sent.

On hold for 10x.

Do you ship out of USA, more specifically Denmark?
I’m willing to pay the requested price.

Um, you know the thread was from last June, right? :confused: Surely this stick is long gone by now. However, this may help, but I’m a bit wary of the negative ratings.

Whoa, totally forgot about my HRAP2. I sold it shortly after this thread was created. Can a mod close this thread please.

just put SOLD in the title and no one will bug you about it anymore.