FS: HRAP 3, Wii Fight Sticks, Sanwa Parts, Agetec PCB & Parts - Stick Prices REDUCED!


Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SOLD

Wii Fight Stick $30 (with shipping) PRICE CUT ON HOLD FOR POSSIBLE SALE
Modded with Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons; faceplate mod to fit either Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons according to owner preference; joystick is JLF modded to fit case; square gate; Sanwa’s have Quick Disconnects and all QD lines soldered to original PCB

NOT INCLUDED: A Mayflash Wii to PC/USB converter will enable this joystick to be used on PC/PS3.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Wii Fight Stick $45 SOLD

Dual VMU slot - $8
perfect for homebrew sticks compatible with Dreamcast and capable of utilizing VMU; protection for two VMU memory units OR can be carefully sawed to create two VMU slots. Great companion hardware for DreamsPCB and Agetec PCB.

(8) JLF octagonal gates $3 apiece (shipping negotiable for multiple pieces or bundled with other hardware otherwise + $3 shipping)
The preferred gate replacement for fighting fans that just can’t get used to JLF square gates…

(2) LS-32(-01) circle gates, $3 apiece ($6 with shipping; shipping negotiable on multiple hardware buys)
The Seimitsu answer to the octo-gate. Native-compatible with LS-32 series only.


Agetec PCB – the big part most DC joystick modders want! Full DC compatibility with VMU slot integrated into PCB. All harnesses are there (DC cord plug, button harness, joystick harness with directional wires) with 4X5 card listing which color wiring goes to each button. $18 with shipping shipping

Agetec faceplate covers – these are the metal covers for the Agetec base; my covers have had the holes widened to accept 30mm Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons; faceplates have been scraped with wire brush to remove minor corrosion
Faceplate for sale $14 each or $23 for both with shipping included

I’ll take this “Wii Fight Stick $40 (with shipping)” if it comes with the buttons and the stick. Please pm payment information.

Hori Wii Fight Stick RESERVED, pending sale…

UPDATE: Hori Wii Fight Stick RESERVED, 1 JLF ON HOLD… 6 Sanwa 30mms ON HOLD…

Also, I’d be willing to consider a trade of either the Arcana Heart 2 Joystick OR the HRAP 3 for two Dreamcast Agetec joysticks… That’s a damn good deal for anybody willing to take it under consideration.
My only request is that I can at least get the Agetec shells without heavy scratching and no breakage in them and with all screws AND the VMU slot holder intact, too.


Sanwa OSBF’s with with Seimetsu microswitches? Do tell.

I will be sending payment tomorrow morning thanks.

I’m interested in the Ascii Dreamcast Fight Pad. Do you have pics?

and I have a Dreamcast Agetec joystick I might be willing to let go.

sent pm about the T5 Hori joystick cabinet + modded faceplate

Damn good price for the PS2 Arcana stick! So tempting! Good luck with sale! :smile:

PM’d about the HRAP3!

Here’s the Ascii Pad I have for sale… It’s one of the two Capcom Vs SNK 2 Fight Pads released around 12 years ago.

Virtually mint… I hardly ever used it.

Same picture posted to listing description.

Arcana Heart 2 joystick on hold for possible buyer…

PM sent on ls32 gates.

Ascii Fight Pad, Arcana Heart 2 joystick, and T5 Shell + Faceplate sold!

Sales pending/parts on hold – all 3 24mm buttons + 3 LS-32 gates…

Wii Fightstick back up for sale!

george imma let the package go. i got the buttons and gate from lizardlick. thanks though. GL on sale.

List updated for sold items…

Price drops on HRAP 3 and Tatsunoko Wii sticks…

do you still have the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for sale?

Yep, the HRAP 3 is still up for sale!

On HOLD FOR a NeoGAF member: 1 JLF, 1 yellow 30mm Sanwa button, 2 white 30mm Sanwas…

UPDATED Status of Parts… Nothing on hold!

Remaining arcade stick prices slashed!

Agetec PCB & Parts added…