Fs: hrap 1b ps2

I know I should be at least six months old here and have more than 50 posts. Well, I did before, but with the site change, my ID was lost so I had to recreate one (name hasn’t changed). I perfectly understand trust issues, so if that’s a bummer for you, all my apologies, and I won’t object to the deletion of this sale.

I have for sale a brand new HRAP 1B for PS2, the limited orange Amazon edition.

Because it was kept for a customization project I never did, it comes with various additional elements :

  • 1 Sanwa lever with red ball
  • 8 Sanwa buttons (screwing type) all red
  • two plexi covers (one for putting on the stick, one for cutting arts)
  • three artwork sheets printed on professional quality paper (one sheet was billed €100, all were done using a specific printer on specify paper, dedicated for prepress proofing)
  • the PSD files of the artworks, high quality file made specifically for this project
  • various adapters selected for being lagless (Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, PlayStation 3)
  • red paint for the turbo buttons, with a specific layer for durability.

Everything is brand new, and has never being used (adapters were put off their boxes for being stored into a special transport case; they all come with their original package).

I sell the lot for 200€.

The box:

The stick:

The Amazon coupon:

Lever, button, and paint:

Art (white):

Art (alternative white):

Art (red):