FS: Hori Fighting Stick for Playstation. (So-Cal)

For sale my hori fighting stick for playstation. Has Seimitsu Ls-32 joystick and 6 sanwa obsf-30’s. Asking $75 plus shipping. Will throw in a extension to make the cord longer. Pm here or email me at ektouge88@yahoo.com

you don’t by any chance have a HFS 3 you want to sell?

No I sold it awhile back. I’ll check with my friend cause he wanted to sell his fs3 and he wanted like 20 bucks. I’ll let you know

thanks man.

Are the buttons and stick not connected to the pcb still or is that just an old picture?

Its just a pic before I put everything back in

awesome. i used to have the sega saturn version of this joystick back in the days. that brushed metal finish makes this stick level up so serious dude. nice work.