FS : Gundam Toys lot

i have a total of 33 figures for sale. all figures are brand new unopened on card. aside from 2 plastic covers that have yellowed for some reason in my closet, the rest of the plastic covers are in mint condition along with all cardboard cards in mint condition. these were always stored in a dark closet and a smoke free environment. looking to sell as a complete lot only. dont want hassles and asking $20 each. would prefer to sell to someone local so avoid shipping hassles. feel free to post or leave me a PM with any questions. thanks.





mobile suit gundam

11531 rx-78 gundam
11532 rx-77 guncannon
11533 rx-75 guntank
11534 gundam gp-01
11535 ms-06s char’s zaku
11536 ms-09 dom
11537 rx-79(g) gundam
11538 msm-03 gogg
11539 msm-07s char’s z-gok
11540 msm-07 z-gok
11541 ms-14s char’s gelgoog
11542 rgm-79(g) gm
11543 rgm-79n gm custom

mobile suit gundam deluxe edition

11631 rx-78 nt-1 gundam
11632 rgm-79 gm & rb-79 ball
11634 rx-79(g) gundam ez8
11635 gundam gp-01 fullburnern
11636 gundam gp-02
11637 ms-14a gelgoog
11638 msn-02 zeong

gundam wing endless waltz

wing gundam zero custom
gundam heavyarms custom
gundam deathscythe h. custom
gundam sandrock custom
gundam nataku

mobile suit gundam W

wing gundam
gundam deathscythe
gundam heavyarms
gundam sandrock
gundam epyon
mobile suit leo
tallgeese II

shameless bump. will take any serious offers from people in cali.

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lol, wizard and his constant changes :frowning: ill hit you up now.

gah…i want to open them all and play with them.