FS/FT: SNES Bundle | Playstation 1 | Pokemon Pickachu 2 | SF3TS PREVIEW | Rare Items

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  • SNES w/ 2 controllers, hook-ups, & Super Mario World.
  • The bottom of the SNES is yellowing. SNES works perfectly -


  • **$45 **


  • Playstation 1 system + hook-ups
  • Hand cleaned about a week ago. -


  • $20


  • Pokemon Pickachu 2
  • This is a little device that’s pretty much like Tomagachi. It’s an interactive virtual pet device that was made by Nintendo. It does work, but it needs a new battery.

It can be synced with older pokemon games to do stuff. They have become pretty rare -


  • **$45


  • Dual SEGA CD game, SEGA Classics, and Ecco The Dolphin (marked ‘not for resale’)

  • Sewer Shark SEGA CD (also marked ‘not for resale’)


-** $15 for all**


  • RARE Street Fighter III: Third Strike PREVIEW GD-R
  • This is a rare piece of fighting game history. Date on it is 7-14-00, 2 months before the actual release date -
  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge SEGA SATURN SAMPLE Disc.
  • This is also a cool piece of video game history. It’s basically a demo. Has some minor changes from the actual release. -
  • Let Me Dance Arcade Software.
  • I don’t know… I found this, and it probably needs a dongle or something. I’ll take whatever you offer me for this. :lolz: -


  • Third Strike PREVIEW - $125

  • Night warriors SAMPLE - $30


Stuff I’d Trade for:

  • PS2 Slim with flip top mod + Swap Discs.

  • Other prototypes, betas, samples, things of that nature.

Can you really get that much for a Pokemon Pikachu? i have an original yellow one, i wonder if it’s worth as much.

oops, that was a mistype. I’m sure a brand new one could go for that. Changed the price.