FS/FT Arcade parts *Updated 12-1*

I have a few things for sale. Pics upon request. I have an older Iphone for a cam…sorry.

All prices are OBO and include shipping within the US (canada will be extra).

I am open to trades for either rare arcade arcade parts or NEW[COLOR=“Black”][/COLOR] JLF parts, and or other cool stuff. PM me with what you have!

To start… If multiple items listed . The price is for each. everything sold as is .

?x 5 gram container of Shin-Etsu G40M Grease 8$ Shipped

1x MadCatz X360 TE PCB only 30 shipped.

1x Chimp 35 shipped.

1x Wired MS controller 25 shipped.
1x Dreamcast PCB from ASCII Fighting stick 15$ Shipped.

2x Sanwa TPMA PCB assembly 10$ shipped each

2x Custom TE first 6 button metal control panel from hbreaks. 20$ each shipped
These ones are from the first batch , the mounting plates are not very high. The only thing is, is that the screw holes may need to be widened.

My past sold items

1x LA SFIV launch shirtSOLD
1x Lime green Norris Arcade case .SOLD
3x 5pin wiring harnessSOLD
1x Mad Cats SE PCBSOLD
6x Sanwa OBSF-30 Lightly Used Dark HaiSOLD
6x Sanwa OBSF-30 SOLD
6x Sanwa OBSF-30 Lightly Used White. SOLD
6x Seimitsu PS-14-G in BLACK SOLD
6x 5 gram container of Shin-Etsu G40M GreaseSOLD
1x MadCatz TE: Case onlySOLD
1x LS-32-01SOLD
2x JLF octo gate SOLD
2x Brand new Blue Mesh ball SOLD
2x Brand new Light Blue Mesh ballSOLD
1x Brand new Red Mesh ball SOLD
1x Madcats TE PCBSOLD

will post more later , thanks for looking.

PMed. I’ll take the TE if there are no screws missing, etc and I can pay you tomorrow (payday).

pm sent

pm sent for ls-32-01 and wire harness

will reply later and get pics out tonight, at work now. thanks again.


new items added.

LS-32-01 and parts back up for grabs. If I didnt respond and youre still interested please respond again. Thanks!


Some price drops . Also, next week I should have a few more mesh balls, 1 blue , 1, black , 2 dark hai
Thanks for looking!

PM’d for gates

aggrastat,lldre payments recieved. Thanks! I will have it sent out to you and get you tracking numbers by friday evening.
thanks again, -j

hey I’m interested in the 6 PS-14-G buttons. How much more do you think it’ll be for canada?

I can fit it in a 10.95USD international flat rate box from usps. My costs include 4.95 for a flat rate for Domestic shipping so 6$USD more.

im interested in the Sanwa OBSF

pm sent

Replied to pm’s

lldre & aggrastat items shipped . the rest will go out monday. thanks again

MD & Kyle your packages went out today. Tracking should be active tomorrow. Tetso… I went to mail out the meshball , but realized it was the wrong color untill the last moment. So , that will go out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Any solder residue on these?

None whatsoever every stick I’ve has used QD’s