FS: Finkle Stick with JLF/RGs and Modded Namco Stick

Hey guys,

I still have 2 sticks that I put up for sale in other threads that were closed for reasons unknown to me. I consolidated the two unsold sticks here. I prefer PayPal.

First up, finkle stick with wiring done by me.

I commissioned finkle to build me this case just over a year ago before I personally got into building joysticks. It just so happened that after a few mishaps in the building process I didn’t get the case until AFTER I had already built several custom sticks of my own. I ended up doing the wiring for it, but never used it aside from testing because I played on my own custom built sticks. Parts are brand new. I kept it because I really admire Noel’s work, but now I realize that it’s just taking up space.


  • finkle case with carrying handle
  • JLF-TP-8YT joystick
  • JLF-CD shaft cover
  • 6 x OBSN-30RG buttons (long lasting microswitch that lasts 5 times longer than normal Sanwa buttons)
  • 2 x OBSF-30 buttons
  • Quick disconnects
  • PS1 DualShock PCB
  • Grounding bar kit
  • Barrier strip



There are a few small places where paint has come off, on the orange. But that’s just from me not being extra careful with my sticks when I put them in storage. They are small marks. If it bothers you then don’t buy the stick or just repaint the tiny areas yourself.

Price: SOLD

Next up is a modded Namco Stick for PS. This baby was modded just a couple weeks ago because I was bored. It has a Sanwa JLF and 6 OBSF-30 buttons (with quick disconnects). The color scheme is to show the 4 main Tekken buttons.

The shaft is long because of the shallow depth of the case BUT if you’d like me to do some modding and switch out parts with the original Hori stick, I can do that free of charge.

If you’d like a plexi layer so that you can put on your own artwork, I can do that but it will cost extra.



Price: $120 shipped within the US


quality stuff here folks O_O.

damn that sendo stick is hot fiya. surprised it didn’t sell the first time you put it up, too bad i’m broke QQ

by any chance can you put in a LS-32 in the finkle stick? if so how much extra?

So is your av.! :tup: :bgrin:

  • Geronimo

I don’t have an LS-32 on hand. I would have to get one from goleaf since I can’t get one from Per for another month. The cost of getting one would be a lot in and of itself. It would be close to $30+ ($16 for the stick, $10 handing charge, $5 for shipping).

Then the work to mount the stick.

I suppose I could keep the JLF for myself for a future project though which would cut down on the extra charge. I would prefer to sell as-is. I wouldn’t mind making mounting holes for the LS-32, but I don’t want to go through ordering parts from goleaf and such.


I have an LS-32 at home man…

lol. Sorry it’s such an ordeal. I’ve got an LS-32-01 on hand but not an LS-32.

I guess i was asking too much :stuck_out_tongue: was wondering if it could happen hehhe gl on the sale tho, very nice stick with rare RGs indeed :slight_smile:

ls3201 would be better because it can use the same 5pin cable that the sanwa uses and it would point in the same direction.

Yea forgot to add the -01, whole time i was referring to it due to the 5pin already present, sorry.

Haha, I just don’t want to be bothered with it. I would lose some money just in PayPal fees transferring from him to me. It’s just as easy for him to order directly from you. That and I’m just an Akihabara Shop patron : ) I have to order from Per since he’s long been my mentor!

It’s not really asking too much since it’s only a few holes to drill, but like I said above, I’d be losing money just from PayPal fees unless I asked you to cover costs which I wouldn’t want to do. If you had asked me a day ago, I could have added it to my Akihabara Shop order and it would have saved a lot since it would be combined with my shipping and my 800yen handling fee and you’d basically only pay the cost of the stick itself.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to put in an order with anyone for just one LS-32.

Yeah, I’m well aware of this since I’ve built dozens of sticks and modded plenty as dozens as well…but the way I built this particular stick, I have barrier strips and grounding bar kits that would easily allow me to put in LS-32 as well. So if he wanted LS-32 for some reason over LS-32-01 I could do that in about 2 minutes.


Pm sent for Finkle Stick ^____^

Payment sent…Fink stick is mine :smiley:

i assume my white sanwa buttons and my JLW is part of that order? :X

Finkle stick is sold to mrpanda!

The Namco mod still remains. Some people have been asking if the yellow buttons on the Namco are stock or Sanwa. They are Sanwa! All parts are new!