FS:Finkle,PS3 Games,Art TE Plexi,TE Bezels

If you buy multiple things I can take a couple bucks off the prices…more you buy the cheaper
Hey, picked up a 2010 GTI yesterday, and am having an itch to start doing stuff to it, so here is some stuff I have for sale…buy buy buy+++

PS3 Games: will sell all 2 games for $40 shipped

Darksiders: like new Condition. $28 shipped
God Of War collection: like new condition. $21 shipped

Finkle Stick: Alright Finkle is finishing up a case for me this week. Looks like this one(“Check out my new arcade stick!” Thread - Part Deux), but wider more like a TE.

He is going to be sending it to a powder coater, so if you would want I can get it coated any color you choose.

Would like to sell the stick completed with stick/buttons/and pcb, so I would include either a ls-33 or jlk, 6 30mm Seimitsu buttons, 3 24 mm buttons, and a cthulu.

Would like to get $200 shipped w/ delivery confirmation for it, but if you would be willing to pay now (meaning once you decide on the color I would let the coater know that. Once he is finished you would pay him around $35-40), and I ship you the parts now (would be willing to include another 6 30mm purple snap-in sanwa buttons for free) I would do $145 gifted.

** NEW 6-button TE Plexi from Art**: only the first six buttons. It also has the Playstation etching on those buttons. Including either a Purple (from the femme fatale stick), stock Red, or dyed blue TE Bezel. $35 shipped priority w/ delivery confirmation , $50 for all of it.

** APC Rescue Jeans**: Bought these several months ago. Wrong size, so I wore them for about 2 hours and they have hung in my closet since. $80 shipped. Size 35.

** SOLD**

Voltech Stuff:I have two shells for Voltech’s VAS-HG Slim for sale. They were coated by the guy Jesse is recommending people send their shells to. Paid $80 for each blank shell. $15 to ship each shell from Voltech to the coater, and then $35 to get the shells back to Voltech. So basically $130 per shell. Looking to get $90 sent as a paypal gift.

Shell 1: Halvie’s Powder coat - a set on FlickrSOLD

Shell 2: White w\ SD Starlight Clear on Flickr - Photo Sharing! SOLD

Shell 3: VAS-HG Work in Progress on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

** shell on the left**

Shell 4: The last shell is being coated black with a starlight clear coat, so it should look similar to the other shells posted, but black obviously. SOLD

Razer Lachesis Mouse: Bought a couple months ago. Bought something else so I don’t need it anymore. In new condition. $35 shipped. SOLD

Also paid for an elite version of the new cases, which is $180. So if you want that spot and one of the shells it would be $200, or $210 if you want the USB adapter too. SOLD

** $60 Best Buy RZ Gift Certificate**: $48 (gifted would be nice) and I’ll pm you the code to use it online. You don’t have to be a reward zone member to use it, nor do you need to be me to use it…anyone can use Reward Zone gift certificates.SOLD

2p Vewlix Panel: Was going to have a custom case made for it. Fell through, so I am looking to part with it. I ended up taking out the sticks, so it would come with the 12 30mm buttons, and 2 24mm buttons. $190 shipped. SOLD

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program - 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Planner: Bought this several months ago. Was going to start when I quit smoking. During that time they opened a Golds Gym by me and I just joined that. Never used it completely brand new. $90 shipped priority w/ delivery confirmation. SOLD

The reward zone certificates don’t have to match the reward zone account holder? If it doesn’t matter then could u check my list for it?

nah it doesn’t have to match your account…you don’t need a reward zone account to use it either.

What year is the DC from?

On the back of the console it says it was manufactured in july of 99


that wasn’t what you wanted to know???


Maybe interested in the Versus City panel. Any chance of pictures of the actual panel for sale?

^ what this man said, id like pics too :china:

yes pics please…

Are you sure you can give the reward zone coupon to someone else? I know in the myrz.com FAQ’s it says you can’t, but I don’t know if there is actually something there to check.

I have used tons of other people coupons…it isn’t really a coupon but a gift certificate. Checking out online would be the same as using the credit card like gift certificates. Type in the number code I would send you and you are good to go. They scan the gs in the store before they even ask if you have reward zone.

My account says I have gotten like 2.5k in coupons and I have sold almost all of them…it will work :slight_smile:

No pics of the panel (no camera), but like I said I just opened it earlier today…it is sitting on the box it was shipped in.

Again, please check my list if u don’t get the $40 you’re asking for. Thanks.

Dreamcast probably sold. Added pic I got from Per when it shipped.



Dropped a few prices.


Bump. AN was the sickest band ever.

ty ty :slight_smile: