FS: Finkle Happ stick


I’m selling a finkle stick with happ competition parts. It’s about a year old, some of the paint has come off, and you’ll need to replace the PSX pcb since the wires to the controller broke off.

Looking to get about $90 US shipped or better offer (pm me) for it. And this is the only pic i have of it.


90$ for a broken HAPP stick? Sorry, but to be quite honest thats not a very good deal.

I think it’s a great deal. I am very tempted to buy it. It’s finkle quality stuff. If it were sanwa, I’d probably have bought it already. Great deal for me anyways.

I forgot to add that was for express shipping (3 - 5 days) to the US, I’m also willing to do registered (5 - 8 days) for $80 US. If I don’t get any offers this week, I’m just going to keep it and repair whenever i have time since it won’t be worth it for me to go any lower than that. (maybe another $5 - $10 off, but it depends…)

Why would you need to replace the PCB, if wires came off? Couldn’t you simply re-solder them?

It’s the wires where you connect the controller to the controller port that are broken, not the ones connected on the PCB.

Osakaness, could I get some more detailed photos of the stick, particularly the scratched portions and also the inside if possible.

Here you go:


I’d love to buy it but dense as hell on repairing it (I know nothing about sticks besides the different parts, nothing in building, though). :frowning: What would you charge to fix it then sell it? :0

Wow, a Yakite Japan stick?

Top tier <3

osaka, I might contact you like a month later about buying this if no one snatches it now, you okay with that?

Probably another $25 - $30, but i might keep it instead… if i did that.


Sure, no problem.