FS: Fat PS2 softmodded

i have for sale a softmodded ps2. it’s homebrew crap. comes with a/v and power cables, 1 dual-shock controller, mem card exploit and trigger disc, loaded with launchelf which i’ve auto-timeouted to keylaucher, cogswap, hdloader 0.8b fully patched w/grey skin, network adapter, 120gb hdd

all for 120 shipped.

Check posting rules about posting modded consoles.

Only illegal if those games are copies.

well even if he owns them, wouldnt it be illegal for the buyer -____-
i think everything would be fine if it didnt include games on the hard drive.

Exactly, you are allowed to do whatever you want to the hardware, in modifying it, except clone the hardware. The moment you copy/clone, then you infringe on copyright laws, etc, etc. Sell the PS2 softmodded, and take the rest to pm, and handle whichever way you want to.

cant’ sell modded stuff here.


  • Any porn material or paraphernalia. This includes playboy magazines, anime porn or whatever sick things you guys have.
  • Modded Consoles. This includes modchips, swap discs and all other modded stuff.
  • Burned games. This is a tuffy. Right now, the rule is you cannot sell burned games. If you are selling your dreamcast with backed up games as a bundle, you may mention that. Mr. Wizard may change this rule though if he doesn’t find it acceptable.

He Wins :rofl:

WHAT?!? modded on joystick?? that’s illegal? WTF?

lulz. bamhammer 2 all stiq modderzzz!1

mention if burned or not…

and if it’s burned, then take it outta your post because it’s illegal

AFAIK, homebrew isn’t illegal though so it’s alright to mention it? confirmation?

you can sell everything, just erase the harddrive, there is no way for anyone to really find out if you really do or not, but just at least erase it from your post. that part is not allowed.

homebrew totally legal.

the hard drive is not a mod but he needs to delete the part about the launchers and the trigger CD/DVD and the “bundled” games.

the launchers are homebrew LOL. the trigger disc is a ps1 game to boot whatever needs to boot on mem card. i got legacy of kain: soul reaver or something in there. practice what you preach