FS: ecKsniNe/QCF Dual Mod Custom

Hey guys! I am selling this bad boy for much less than I would usually sell one of my customs for. This stick is brand new, and has only been used to fully test it. Below I will give you a breakdown of cost and what I am actually asking. I will post it below, but if you want to see the original post/review you can see it here:


Case/Shipping : 45
6x Sanwa OSBN : 17.94
3x Sanwa OSBF : 7.50
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT : 25
Xbox 360 CG pad : 27
Cthulhu PS3/PC : 40
Toodles IMP : 10
Plexi Bottom : 5
Clean wiring/LEDs : 40
9 foot USB Dynex : 10

Total : 227.44

So that’s the actual value of the stick/parts. I am going to sell this custom for $200.

Send me an email to admin@ecksnine.com or pm here if interested. Thanks!

Here is a repost of my custom stick thread post/review of this stick:

Hey guys.

This is sort of an unusual post for me, but here it goes.

I know what I am capable of doing with a premium case, however, I was curious to see just how much I could do with a really low budget case.

The case I decided on was a Pine sanwa case from QCF. The first thing I noticed about the case is that is smaller, and lighter than any of the cases I have ever worked with. There were also some small blemishes and gaps on the surface/construction. The finish is a little thin, and the case wasn’t sanded nearly as smooth as I usually do it. Having said that, for the price they are asking I think this is really a fine case. It’s sturdy and made out of solid wood. For a fraction of the price of a premium hardwood case, I think the QCF case is a serious contender for low budget cases, especially after some simple modifcations, like the ones I did on this case.

The case came with a hardwood bottom, which I decided to ditch and cut a polycarbonate plate for the bottom. In doing this, I also added a cord notch in the bottom middle of the case, this was necessary since this case uses 3 blocks instead of 4. I didn’t feel that the integrity of the bottom panel would be sufficient if the cord was yanked or jerked if it was coming out of the bottom with a notch in the plexi. I also ditched the included screws for the bottom panel and replaced with with 3/4 Tungsten screws for the plexi.

The next modification I felt would be good for the case was to ditch the visible top screws. I just don’t like how the case looks with flat-head screws showing on the top. I also wanted the top panel to be as flush as possible. I removed the JLF screws on the top panel, and plugged them with pine screw plugs. They aren’t a perfect match but I think they look better than screws. To mount the JLF without the original screws I simply removed the plate and mounted the stick from the bottom with 3/4 particle screws and a lock washer. The stick is very sturdy and solid with this mounting method.

The final enhancement I made to the case itself was intended for better table/lap play. I added four threaded ultra-grippy rubber feet to bottom 4 corners. Now the case can be set anywhere without concern of scratching it, and it doesn’t slide around at all on a table or desk.

For the wiring, when I first looked at this thing I was really concerned whether or not I would be able to fit a dual mod and an imp inside. I figured I probably could but it might be hard to keep it looking clean. I sized a Cthulhu PS3/pc and an xbox 360 common ground pad next to eachother in the case to see how much room i had to work with. As you can see, it wasn’t a lot. The pad and the Cthulhu are wired so close together they are almost touching. I had just enough room to stick an imp between the buttons and stick. Surprisingly, I was able to get everything in, and wired and keep a really clean appearance. I spiral wrapped the whole thing and it came out really nice. The final touch was I added a UV/purple light to the vcc line that comes on if the stick is powered for either system. I also added bright red LED’s to the xbox rumble motors so the entire undercarriage flashes red if you get hit in SF4. :slight_smile:

So there it is, this is my pimped out QCF case stick. I will most likely put it up for sale in the trading post soon for a minimal cost.

200.00 for a dual mod with lexan bottom and led kit :hitit:

This should be gone real soon!!

I would love this but I don’t want the buttons or the stick (I already have some). I would be interested in just the box and PCB’s and wiring including the led’s. Pretty much just disconnect the qd’s from the buttons and the stick and leave everything else. What do you think? PM me if interested.

pm responded.

Bump. This is a great price for the whole shabang. Someone pic this up…or I will…

Bump. My wife would kill me if I bought another stick.

Embrace the temptaion :slight_smile:

Frankly, that’s the only thing keeping me from buying this immediately.

ecKs, your stuff is incredible. I want one of your sticks and I swear I’ll get one one of these days but I gotta wait until the time is right, ie. my credit card is payed off :lol:

Free bump, this deserves it.

Thanks yall.

Free bump, because of the amazing work done to this.

Would like to see you add your creativity to some other budget cases, would be cool as sort of a series.

Has this been sold?

Bump, buy this thing someone!
If you get no hits on the full case, would you consider just the guts, no case/stick/buttons, just the imp/cthulhu/360 pad?
Hell, someone buy the whole kit already.