FS: Ecksnine Claro Walnut Box

I’m selling my Ecksnine custom because I just got my VSHG and I don’t think I will use anything else except maybe another VSHG. I offering this up for $90 shipped to the US only. Also I would trade the box and some money for a VSHG only if it’s in mint condition (no scratches or scuffs etc.) The box is in great condition with the exception of one “nick” (see picture) that is on the bottom. I have no idea how it got there as I have kept it in its bubble wrap after every use. This sale is for the box only that means no art, no buttons, no stick. Thanks


A good look at the case it has an excellent finish and the wood grain is sweet.


Close up of the wood.

The minor “nick” located on the bottom of the case

i like you.




Thought I would help in case you didn’t get any responses.

You should have PM’d those links to him, Giga. Now zeetes will gank those auctions out from under him!

I wonder what the one with a busted button will go for.

Haha. I’ve been trying to eBay one of these for a while and they consistently sell for more than I want to pay. No one ever seems to do a buy-it-now.

sigh. =\

kyle- remember the few i missed a couple of months ago on ebay? 1 went for 23.50 and the other was less than 30. i cried.

You definetely missed out! I’ve been looking these things up on Ebay for the past month and they have been going for like 50-60 before shipping! I just bought one for around that price…

Sorry to rub it in…oh and I might be competing for those sticks too so watch out!!!..Why the hell did I post them?!

Yeah, I think we may have accidentally hyped these up by talking about them so often.

i have 5. i’ve kinda slowed down on my pursuit!

actually i’d really like another boxed version:


i have two other boxed namcos, both different (one is japanese soul edge)

That box is much cooler than the Tekken box. I would settle for 2. :lol: Once I have that and a Saturn PS2 pad my world domination will be complete.

Thanks haha

Thanks for the links Ill try to keep an eye on them

Anyone got anything else?
Thanks for the free bumps too haha.

To zeetes the 2 items for 23.50 and 30 dollars for the namco stick that was me who won them. i missed one for 10 dollars. that namco stick was in mint shape w/o box and went for 10 dollars and no one bid on it:wow:

dam i still don’t have one and all you got like 5


damn you meus!! haha at least they went to good hands.

thanks. i will try to clone namco stick. i was able to buy original pcb namco, and

buttons too.

Pardon my thread derailing, but who’s that fine woman in your avatar? Been driving me crazy.

Does someone i know and have the fun to have her in my bed.

I’m now looking for a VSHG holla at me if you got one!

Did you eBay the Namco stick? If so what did you end up paying? If not what is your source!