FS Ebay: Marvel vs Capcom 3 T-Shirt

RARE!!! Marvel Vs Capcom 3 T Shirt!! - eBay (item 190423482120 end time Jul-30-10 18:29:01 PDT)

you made that?

I have a print of the graphic on the shirt.

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from the ebay page.

what are u talking about? it says on the link it is a Marvel vs Capcom 3 T-Shirt that was given out only at E3

E3 did a poor job then. Meh, GLWS

It’s made by Meat Bun, the same people who made the EVO shirts this year.

This tee was also being handed out at Evo, but you had to win one of their mini-tournies.

Not sure what you’re asking. If you’re asking if I made the auction, the answer is yes. If you’re asking if I made the shirt, the answer is no. I won it Saturday at E3. Keits should be able to vouch for me.

And if I did make the shirt, why would I make it a medium size when the bulk of us nerds are at least L/XL :slight_smile:

I didn’t know they were being given out at Evo though. I did see some people with the shirt, but I figured they got it from E3.

Ah, so they’re from E3.
I won one of a few Capcom-Europe gave out in a prize draw. It was initially for 2 signed (by MvC3 producer) tee’s, and I was the 2nd name drawn, but they apparently lost the other signed one, so instead gave out 1 signed and then 2-3 non-signed.

Either way, it’s a cool t-shirt, and it was free.