FS: Dual modded R1 TE - SOLD -

For sale is a Round 1 Dual Modded TE.
Price is $135 shipped obo
I have the original box which will be included. That’s why the price is a little high.
It’s a ps3 stick, dual modded with a 360 pcb+imp.
everything works.
edit: yes, it has the hex inverter done. meaning all 8 buttons work.
I also did the lockswitch mod (when its in lock, sel+start are also neutralized)
primary is PS3
secondary is 360 (set to RS before plugging in)
It was the first dual mod I did, and it ended up working great. I only wish I had a drill back then. They are way cleaner looking now.

only con is the fact that I melted the turbo panel, so replaced it with a 360 one.



“The price is a little high” he says.

For a dual mod, that’s a great price.

I’d buy it right now but the money I’m waiting on is taking longer than expected :X

thanks man. i was originally going to go for 150, but i kinda just wanted to get rid of it.

between me and my gf, we have 7 sticks, so…some have to go =P

that’s cool that you & your gf have 7 joysticks between y’all. gl with your sale.

I’m almost drooling… but one question how much has this stick been used?

its my personal stick, but i don’t use it as much.
the ones i use are my R2 and Femme fatale.

this stick has been there for people who come over when i host street fighter nights.
the screws are losing their color because some people sweat alot.
so i’d say…maybe 48+ hours?
i mean, no one beats their buttons here and everyone has their own sticks.

nice price
how much shipped to brazil?

i mean, i honestly have no idea.
if you want to cover shipping i’ll send it.

I had some unexpected car troubles that drained my cash. If your willing to wait until the 18th (monday) I’ll take it off your hands for sure.

Osiris clear your PM’s.


sale fell through.

Good luck on your sale that is crazy cheap for a dual mod