FS: Dreamcast + Green Goblin Stick + VMUs + random games

EDIT: SOLD, now go away :lovin:
Shipped 2/4/08

I’m tired of my DC and accessories taking up space, so it’s going to go.

For sale:

Dreamcast w/ 3rd party VGA adapter, controller, 2 VMUS, green goblin Agetec stick, and random games for $105 shipped. Dreamcast and controller are fully functional. Stick is functional last I tried it.

They must be sold together. I’m actually selling the DC and the Agetec stick as a bundle, but I’m throwing the random games + VMUs + VGA adapter as a bonus. DC and Agetec does come in their original boxes.

Definitely interested.

i know its a bundle…but id maybe take the vga box off your hands…

I’d be interested in the stick should you ever decide to sell them separately.

As am I.

I would be interested in everything but the stick.

Can you get a picture of the stick? I’ll definitely be interested. nvm I found a picture lol

added pics

Javi: looks good. If what we discussed is straight let me know.

Check PM.

Javi: payment sent.

and it’s sold.