FS: DC, TG16/CD, NGPC games, other rarities

I’m in the process of selling my entire collection, and what’s left of it can be located here:


I try and keep that spreadsheet updated as often as possible.

How much for Bushido Blade 2? And can I get a list of the accessories?

$15 shipped, and I will have the accessories list coming soon

Then consider Bushido Blade 2 sold. Send me your paypal info and I’ll send you the money.

I’m interested in Star Ocean: Second Story and Umjammer Lammy. How much each?

And I have two other questions that are related to the spread sheet format.

  1. When you have the Condition as “Good”, what does that mean exactly? Will the disc work fine most of the time but you may have to try a couple of times to get it to work every now and then?

  2. I think my version of Excel is a bit out of whack but under ‘Case?’, ‘Box?’, and ‘Inst?’, a lot of the games have ‘#####’ in the box. I imagine something else is suppose to be there but it only shows up as ‘####’ on my Excel so could you tell me what it is?

  1. Everything plays - “Good” means different stuff depending on what format you are talking about (might have a dirty or cracked case, etc.)

  2. Expand the width of the columns - if it is “true,” it has it. If it is “false,” it doesn’t.

Star Ocean = $20 shipped, Lammy = $10 shipped. Combined = $25 shipped.

Panzer Dragoon Saga @@
if only I wasn’t so poor QQ

edit: I’m curious how much intelligent qube sold for

Ah, thanks.

So now some follow up questions.

Your copy of Star Ocean: Second Story includes both discs, right?

I’m also interested in Incredible Crisis and Sega Frontier 2. How much for each?

Once you answer and I figure some things out, I’ll send you a PM.

Yes, Star Ocean is complete.

Incredible Crisis I’ll go $10. Saga Frontier 2…$15ish. I could add it to your total w/ free shipping and go $50 for all of it…

Intelligent Cube went to a friend of mine for $20 in a really big deal, so I slacked off on the price a little. The more you buy, the lower I go :slight_smile:

I wish I could make friends :sad:

Oh, that’s perfect. I just need to know where to send the money via paypal and I’ll give you my address to send to. Just out of curiosity, could you give a rough estimate of how long it would take to get here? I’m unfamiliar with where the ‘Dirty South’ is. :]

EDIT: Actually, I’m interested in Alundra as well. I lost my copy a long time ago and I regretted it every since. Add it onto everything else.

how much for a green goblin? or both…

I’m in Upstate South Carolina, right on the Georgia border. The closest Metro area is Atlanta. Throw in another 10 for Alundra.

Green Goblins are sold.

The list has been updated as of 7:00 PM, 11/11/2007

Also added: All of my Role-Playing books (D&D, AD&D, Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Marvel Super Heroes, Assorted others)


How much for Mark of the Wolves, JoJo’s, Both Power Stones and Project Justice?

If it’s not a big deal could I get a price for each of them separate and then a price for all of them? Thanks.


Price check on SNES Tetris Attack pls.
(If IQ went for $20, this should be 50 cents :slight_smile:

Price check on the following:

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Romance of the Three Kingdoms(both the NES and the SNES)
RPG Maker
Gengis Kahn
Nobunaga’s Ambition(SNES)
Operation: Europe
NES and SNES consoles

List the prices with the consoles and just the games. I am still undecided on weither or not I want the consoles.

wow kyah why u sellin all ur stuff?

How much is DBGT? and the Picross DS?