FS: Custom red anodized bil aluminum bat-top & NBA 2K10 20-game locker WTB: Modnation

All items are in mint condition & includes original boxes. I’ll update this thread ASAP once anything’s sold. I’m also in Houston quite frequently so my Htown peeps, holla at me no later than Thursday night if you want me to bring it down there that weekend or following weekend. Shipping to continental U.S. only:

  • Custom red anodized billet aluminum bat-top: Made by Toggleme, purchased a week ago & used for less than 2-hrs. Comes with matching red 7-11 shaft, JLF adapter & altnerative LS-32 spring for your JLF. Selling b/c I got use to a ball-top so I don’t need this anymore. Selling for a firm $11 local pickup or $14 shipped (brand new’s $19).
  • Locker (holds 20 game cases) from NBA 2K10 limited edition package (PS3): Selling for a firm $20 local pickup or $45 shipped (games in locker NOT included, LOL).

Not really interested in trades unless you have:

  • HRAP3 Premium VLX

  • ModNation Racers

  • Chthulu solderless PCB (just the regualr PS3 version since I don’t have an XBox 360)

PM me if you’re interested since this forum’s email notification only does so w/PM’s not thread notifications for some weird reason, thx!

mannnnn if i had money i’d buy that g25 from ya…but alas I’m just a broke guy

Logitech G25 just sold locally. Added NBA 2k10 20-game locker (PS3).

i sent your white balltop out yesterday. didn’t get a tracking # for something that cost about the same to ship…

Thx for the info…

Interested in The MvC stick. It is for ps3 correct?

Yup, both sticks are for the PS3. PM me for payment info if you’re interested, thx!

Nucking Futs pmed you.

Just responded to your PM & also added a new pic of the MvC2 box.

Hey ill take that nba2k10 locker off you if its for the ps3. Let me know.

Yup, indeed it’s for the PS3. I just PM’ed you payment info. I’ll post ASAP when/if it’s sold, thx!

do you have pic of the locker?

I can post a pic of mine but won’t be until Monday since I’m not in town currently.

Way too many flakers on this forum…Price drop on everything! PM me if you’re interested, thx!

hey mate,

am interested in the TE stick with the Sanwa buttons and stick.

Am living in Perth, Australia, you ok to send it over here?

No shipping outside the continental U.S. as stated in the 1st post in bold:

Just sold TE “S” locally. Updated pics of MvC2! PM me if you’re interested, thx!

Your HRAP although just the standard one makes me so jealous. Good Luck.

LOL, thx! I’m jealous you got ALL your SFAC’s to work! I just got one…but w/an 8-volt version, doh!!! I’d rather spend ~$10 on a ps2-to-ps3 adapter instead of $30 for a [COLOR=#000000]Cthulhu board.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] Now only if I can find an adapter that works w/it!!![/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]

If you have a Fry’s. I think HVG2 adapter works I think.