FS: Custom Happ P360 stick

—update, price lowered.

Up for sale i have my newest creation, a tribute to one of the craziest fighting series out there: MvC/MvC2. All happ parts with a perfect 360 stick, competition play buttons, and a sony ds1 under the hood. Dimensions are 8.5x11’’, 3.5’’ at the back slants to 3’’ on the front for that true arcade feel. Custom paintjob, and clearcoated for durability.

asking 220$ + shipping.

for more pics visit: http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p91/hexonyou/Joysticks/

hey would you mind sharing that art work with me? i would like a wallpaper of that.

You DO realize that that’s NOT MvC2 artwork, right?

Edit: yes, its MvC1. Arthur, Lou, Pure and Fur, Anita, etc. All helpers that didnt make it to MvC2

is it MVC1?

:lol: ya I know it’s mvc artwork…I guess I should change my original post…done!

great stick

nice stick, ugly price.

Hmm, I dont think so…I put a lot of work into this, custom stenciling on the paint, it has a p360 which is an expensive stick to begin with, customized buttons. For anyone who likes american sticks this is the one to have.

customized buttons?

two-tone buttons aren’t exactly hard to make

what i meant by ugly price… sanwa customs go for about that much. my first custom had everything you have there (art, p360, two tone buttons) had better placement on start / select, and an 8 button top, and was bigger and less sleek than yours, and i paid $180 shipped.

as i said…

nice stick, ugly price. i wasn’t going to crap your thread out, but you’ve just successfully antagonized it.

Thats what I thought he meant…no biggie.

For what it’s worth, I feel your pain. A lot of people dont understand the time and work that goes into making them.

Well, i stand by my work :rofl: I doubt there is something comparable in parts and quality out right now.

i know what it’s like, as i’ve built about three now. i don’t care to build any more though, but either way, i know what it’s like to actually build one.

comparable parts?

byrdo, painted pale, finkle all eat your food mang.

yeah, goodness, too much competition to sell yoru stick at that price unless it is tip top notch perfect or you do it as a commission for someone. Kinda sucks :(. To tell you the truth, at that price, I don’t think anyone will buy considering you could just go to finkle or anyone else out there and get the same thing at under 200.

But yeah, I trouble to let go of anything I make for such a low price :(.

I dont talk no shit, Im just stating the reasons why. What child is giving me bad rep for doing my job? Thanks.

dam homie you should get banned then :rofl:

Not to be an A** about this but what makes your stick higher quality then anyone elses? a stripe and a p360? other then that its just a regular box.

Since some people seem to be confused as to why the price is high (it really isnt…) Please allow me to explain.

I’ve been building things for around 15 years, worked in heating/cooling, plumbing/electrical, and all aspects of home construction, I know a little bit about the business. Let me give a breakdown of what went into this stick.

Perfect 360: $40

8x Happ buttons: $16

Materials for box: $20

Dualshock pcb: $11

Paint: $10

Clearcoat: $8

Wire, Disconnects, solder etc.: 10$

(rubber feet, glue, putty, screws etc.) 10$

Total cost to me, around: $125

Time spent: at least 10-12 hours

So if I am able to sell this for $250 I would be making a profit of about $125

That works out to be at most $12 per hour but probably closer to $10 per hour worked on it. $10 per hour is not a lot of money.

NICE WORK, but honestly, noone’s gonna pay 250 for a happ 360 setup, or any setup for that matter. but love the way it looks though. most gamers aren’t exactly balling to be paying that much for a joystick.