*FS: Custom Control Panels for Tekken 5, HRAP 1 2 and 3*


My paypal account was breached 2 days ago and a considerable sum of money has gone missing from my account and credit card.

I’m chasing up my bank and credit card company to catch the bastards who did this.

3 people had prepaid me and I’ll be contacting them to give their money back.

I must apologize to everyone who ordered but I have lost a lot of faith in paypal and cant accept anymore orders or payments.

My paypal account is linked to several places and its going to take a while to undo this mess.

Once again I apologize for any heartache I’ve caused anyone here.

Nice. Sent an email :slight_smile:

Cool Email Sent

Sounds good.
Email sent.

Doooood you know I’m in, hahah. :smile:

Oh Yeah!
Email sent.

E-mail sent, hope you can answer my questions :smiley:

Email sent

Email sent

Email sent earlier today :wink:

Possible to get it without the extra button on the top row?

Email sent I’ll take two.

Email sent. Woo hoo!

email sent =]


A big thanks to all who have emailed so far.

Everyone will get a reply soon so apologies for the wait.

Vewlix panels are the easiest to work on so I’m confirming those first.

Custom stuff will be sorted out over this coming week so if you’ve emailed about a jap layout etc, I will keep you updated and I will deliver :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and I hope folks understand that my email has been flooded and I will get back to everyone.

On the more standard viewlix batch you’re working on, are they going to have the word “viewlix” like in this picture, and where abouts would it be located? I think the hole for turbo switches might cover up the letters…


Please check email and confirm payment I made.

Just sent an email to you

Hi Guys,

No art as of yet.

Is there a contact on here who can maybe help out with artwork around my specification.

I’ll pay with a proper vewlix panel and acrylic all shipped out! :slight_smile:

Pleas PM if you know someone who is a bit of a God on photoshop or illustrator.


I can almost smell that there is someone out here who will work for an hour or so for a FREE panel shipped to them.

man if u could get the vewlix on it i would just cream myself