FS-CPS3 rare Red Earth (US version) kit

Well guys
I have for sale a very rare and working CPS3 Red Earth (US version) kit.

The kit includes
-CPS3 motherboard in shell
-Original Red Earth CD with original japanese CD insert
-CD Rom drive
-Unmodded Red Earth cart
-Power and data cables

here are pics…

There is no artwork for this kit however I have found some scanned artwork online that I never got around to printing I could point you to.

I purchased this kit about 2 months ago and at that time the buyer (reputable source) informed me the battery was changed within the year.However as a measure of precaution I would suggest sending the cart off to meanbean or Billd420 for another swap just to be on a clean page.

I am setting the price at 600.00 or highest bid plus shipping. Afterwhich its on to the 'bay. International shipping is okay, item is coming from California

Cart will be shipped in a anti static bag and then wrapped in anti static wrap, can never be too safe. Motherboard and CD drive will also be wrapped in anti static wrap. I will post some pics up here tonight for people to see.

Here is my feedback on Ebay…


and have also completed some transactions on neo-geo.com where my username is setharnott. Please feel free to post here with questions or PM me with any questions or offers. Lets get this over with quick, too painful. :sad:

Rare find indeed. Wish I had the money to pick it up.


kit is sold, thanks for looking!