FS: CPS2, Naomi Stuff, Repro Panel, DEAD 3s Cart, and more

These prices do not include shipping, unless specified. I will work out shipping it to you any way you like and you can pay actual shipping costs.

CPS2 B Boards All Tested and Nice Stickers:

  • Vampire Savior [SOLD]
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter USA $60 (can put in new battery and retest before shipping for $5)
  • Street Fighter Zero $50 (confirmed changed batt. 01/02/10)


CPS2/3 Kicks Harness, Used [SOLD]
CPS2/3 Auxiliary Harness, NOS, completely filled out connector [SOLD]


Guilty Gear X Naomi Cart (Naomi Mobo not included, obv) [SOLD]


Virtua Golf Naomi GD-ROM, IC, Service Manual in Case $20 (needs trackball)


“Naomi Jamma Kit” [SOLD]

  • JVS->Jamma Board
  • mono amp
  • PSU
  • all cables needed to hook up to your Naomi
  • Naomi Mobo not included! Only pictured to show how everything hooks up.
    (If you want to play your Naomi on a Monitor w/ VGA input, this could also be used with that to be a Controls I/O Board only.)


Dead Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Security Cart. USA $40 Shipped
(can be sent to china and have Asia version reflashed)


Repro 2L12B Control Panel, filled with JLFs and OBSFs, very slightly used $100 [ON HOLD]


Board Feet (You know you need them!) 12 packs for $5 shipped
does not come with a wood screw


Thanks for looking guys! Let me know if you got questions!

First round of packages shipped out. If you didn’t hear from me and you purchased something that means your package will be shipped tomorrow!

Everything has sold, thanks guys! Still got board feet though if you need them pm me.