FS: Copy of Metal Gear Solid 4

Bought it loved it beat it beat it beat it. Beat it again The Boss Extreme with Big Boss Emblem. Loved it. Done with it. Its basically new manual slightly used corners lil ruffled. Blu-Ray disc PERFECT condition. It has a finger print on it but since i dont have anything with 100% cotton in it i dont want to wipe it off in fear of puting any scratches on it. So ill let you guys do it :wink: lol

Metal Gear Solid 4 $40 shipping included

(used at gamestop [if you can find one’ is 54.99 + sales tax]

Let me know who wants first dibs!! :smiley:

Awesome game i wouldnt be letting go if money wasnt so tight :frowning:

Thanks for whoever picks it up you wont regret it!

I can post pics if anyone needs it

PayPal only

BUmp price drop to $55.00 OBO PM me for details

BUMP $40 + shipping