[FS] Barely used PS Vita Bundle

Hello everyone again,

I purchased the vita roughly around late March, but since then I’ve only used it around 3-5 times. I no longer need it and I’m willing to give it to someone who’ll use it more.

Package includes:

PS Vita hardware
Vita 16GB Memory card
Brand new Sony leather carrying case
Import Title, Ragnarok Odyssey
The Hori screen protector (which I’ve already installed for you)
There are demos (from Japan) which I’ve left on the card as well as a full version game of Sumioni.
I’ve put all the current apps on as well, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter.

Get this deal before it’s gone! Email me if interested, and we can go from there!

Asking price: $320 Shipping is $15CDN $18US … Paypal preferred.



Ok I’ve dropped the price!