FS: Arcana Heart FULL! PCB / Arcade Game!

SOLD to University Pinball. I would like to personally thank everyone for their interest in this game! It surely has a long lifespan ahead of it in Philly =)

It is time to sell my Arcana Heart FULL! arcade game. Pictured below is everything I am selling: the game PCB (with custom durable plastic enclosure), full-size fold out poster, arcade instructions and marquees, and original cardboard boxes. Apart from the cardboard boxes, everything is in MINT or NEAR MINT condition.

The PCB itself is equipped with both a JAMMA harness and a standard 15-pin VGA out port. You can use this port to output video to a standard VGA-compatible computer monitor (resolution is 640x480). The JAMMA port can output video also, but ONLY at 31Khz. Most arcade monitors only support 15Khz, so please make sure your arcade monitor can support 31Khz if you will be installing this PCB into an arcade cabinet.

1 x Arcana Heart PCB (with Arcana Heart FULL! upgrade ROM)
1 x Arcana Heart regular ROM (incase you’d like to play the non-FULL! version)
2 x Arcana Heart marquee, game explanation, character movelists, Arcana movelists
1 x Arcana Heart FULL! arcade head instructions, game explanation, character movelists, Arcana movelists
1 x Full-size fold out Arcana Heart poster
1 x Arcana Heart arcade operator instruction manual (Japanese)
1 x Arcana Heart FULL! arcade operator instructional supplement (Japanese)

NOT included:
Jamma cables/harnesses

SOLD to University Pinball

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04

Below are some individual pictures of the equipment:

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04
Above is the arcade PCB in the custom plastic enclosure I designed to protect it (since I used it with a Supergun, I didn’t want the PCB exposed). You can easily remove the top by unscrewing the screws that hold it shut. Simply remove the nuts attaching the PCB to the case if you would like to mount the PCB in your arcade cabinet instead.

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04
This is the full-size fold out poster included with Arcana Heart. You will find this poster at many Japanese arcades. It still fetches a good price on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04
The still-sealed Arcana Heart FULL! arcade marquee and instructional supplement.

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04
The arcade cut-outs have never been used and remain in near-mint condition. They’re quite shiny.

Shot with V903SH at 2007-07-04
The cardboard box that housed the original PCB. It’s torn up a bit around the edges, but the center logo is still intact.

Please post any questions or offers or PM them directly to me, poonage. Thanks for looking!

:3, tempting, if I had 1800

Sad. I’ve never even heard of that game. :\

JUST 1800? Fuck. I wish I had a job.

To put things into perspective a bit, the original merchandise cost was approximately $2800. That’s ~$1,000 of instant savings just for buying used. This is the nature of arcade equipment, though!

If i had a arcade to put it in i would buy it from you fight now. How much does a arcade that supports this game go for now a days?

One question, if for some reason the arcade board doesn’t sell fast enough, is it possible for me to buy just the poster? I know this isn’t what you are aiming for, but that poster is tempting, and I probably would’ve stolen it if I knew you had it in your possession. :stuck_out_tongue:

My offer would be $25 or your best offer for it, I am not sure how much the asking price for it would be.

I’d love those sheets with the character moves on it. Don’t know why, always makes sticks look cooler with them on.

If I had the greens I would take it off your hands post haste, but I don’t. =/

EDIT: I would like to note how awesome of the deal this is, considering that places such as Coinopexpress has regular AH for even more (AH + AHF + neat enclosure for Supergun use) than what this auction is selling the game for.

$2800…! :wow: To put things into perspective though, you really should look up what a brand new kit sells for straights out of Japan these days…

C’mon now, comparing prices to COE anything will look good. They are horribly overpriced on nearly everything they sell.

Well I only know of them, arcadeshock and neogeo.com, and out of the three only ng.com is better. Know of better places? :looney:

I only have 1200 now, and that’s sittin around for my trip for Evo. If I end up not going to Evo, then I’ll be taking this from you by force.

hey ill buy that poster for 40$

i can go higher if you want :7)

This is not a fucking game. How long are you willing to wait? After I pay for my ticket back to the States I have 3 pay periods that I can get you the money in.





you can have it saotome kaneda

Don’t hate, Chibs. I got the money to burn. =p

AH2 is coming out soon, and I’m not hating, but I think Evo World > AH ;p.

SK give me those character moveset cutouts. I’ll buy em off you, or buy you a drink at Evo if you drink.

I can afford both. =p

I’ll think about it. =p

Yessssss, If you do do it, I’ll love you like that hidden loli in a box I have in my room. No homo.