FS: Arcana Heart Full (JAMMA+ arcade PCB)


For sale is one Arcana Heart Full JAMMA+ arcade PCB in mint condition with copied artwork.

This game requires 31 KHz / VGA / 640x480 resolution, it will not work with older arcade monitors only capable of displaying 15 KHz standard resolution. If you’re playing on a supergun you can connect the board directly to a HDTV or computer monitor through the VGA connector. This versus fighter uses four buttons connected by NeoGeo pinout (fourth button JAMMA pins 25 and c).

Asking $150 USD including worldwide shipping by insured airmail. Payments through PayPal, no additional fees.


This is really interesting me. If it is still available in the time period I am looking at then I will grab it up. Right now my system is set up for NeoGeo and what I understand is that no modification would be needed for the controls?

No modification necessary for the controls. Only difference is you need a display device capable of VGA resolution.

This is the full kit without needing any extra pieces or parts like the NAOMI set up? (Where you have three seperate pieces to run it.)

Yeah, I believe it’s a stand-alone; the game is its own complete board. I did some Google searching and I couldn’t find any mention of another board it runs on.

Coin Op Express organizes all games they sell by board, and they list Arcana Heart in the “PCB” (miscellaneous) category.

I found a random thread here too where people briefly discussed what it uses. The one dude who gave a full answer sounded like he knows what he’s talking about.


PM sent

Just to confirm, yes, the board is entirely stand-alone. All you need is JAMMA interface (with wired fourth button) and a display device capable of VGA.

this still for sale…?