FS: Arcade Stick - 360 - Purple/Blue LED Akuma

Hi! Got this one I want to sell from the UK.


  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick
  • Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons - purple (6)
  • Headset access (at front), LED on/off switch, Start, Guide and Back (at back)
  • Seimitsu bubble top
  • 360 only (not PS3), uses official sf4 fightpad
  • Plexi top
  • Bottom plate art, high quality material
  • Low profile rubber feet
  • Dual LED’s (two leds on both sides of the button with purple on the uppoer half and blue on the lower half for a nice effect - see vid for a better view).
  • Uses furthest right 6 buttons for sf layout:
    (bottom row left to right: A,B,Rt)
    (top row left to right: X,Y,Rb)

$160 - this price includes recorded postage (International signed for) to the USA. Can take paypal/bank transfer.

- small crack not really visible on the left of the plexi btw. -/

Quick Video:

it’s nice that you added the video. gl with your sale.

wow i love the bottem artwork

Get the hell out of here with this shit. You’re not selling anything until your transaction clears up. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. THIS THREAD IS FLAGGED.