FS:All Sanwa stick (SOLD)

All Sanwa parts, oct gate, Based off Byrdo’s old stick layout, Ps2 (3 extra white sanwa buttons included)
Will ship only to US $125 plus shipping obo

Stick is in perfect working condition.
Paypal or Money orders accepted. I also have an ebay account if you want to check my sales history: etchunltd


hey how much for the thing shipped ?


:sad: That is so beautiful…I wish i has $125…:sad:

Hey what kind of PCB is in the stick ?
and also what is the button setup on the stick ?
i would like it to be if it isn’t already
Also my zip code is 95926 i


I sent you a pm… Not sure on the button layout, i can check. I never had to adjust for anything on the ps2… :lovin:

The box/button layout is from the blueprint Brydo use to have on his site. All measurements as well

would it be easy to change the artwork?

ouch, you never got your finger caught in the stick hole without a dust cover?

ART work can be changed! I think I have a dust cover… I never used it and no finger getting stuck :lovin:

my zip is 44112 how much for shipping?

I’m interested-- how much to 39401?

Shit, how would your finger get caught…

it more of a pinch and crush on the finger tip/nail part usually happen with my mass stik with out the cover

Why was this bumped? SOLD!