FS: A Dreamcast Green Goblin Arcade Stick, it has to go by tomorrow Night

**Sup Guys am selling a Dreamcast Green Goblin Arcade Stick for Agetec, it works great never had a problem with it, I had it for only 2 months, I never really used it after I got my modded tekken 5 stick back. I’m selling it because I need to pay my car payment…:rofl: I know funny… ; )

I’m selling it for $40 dollars it comes with everything and I will give 2 dreamcast games (Kof98 and DoA2 they both work fine also) to the person who buys it by tomorrow night…

I only can use PayPal guys (sorry) my PayPal is humcast2003@yahoo.com

Here’s Pics

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Shot with DSC-P93 at 2007-06-26

Thanks guys Peace…

wow…$40 i must have now…sell to me. how much would shippin be for me zip 21207?

PM sent

got your pm ups is fine

well ima send the $50 now…sweet

oh yes, when will you have this shipped out

Oh and money has been sent ATVM

So is it safe to say, that this stick has been sold?

awww dammit >_<

i wouldve taken it in a heartbeat

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