FS: 2 Roundtrip Airplane tickets on JetBlue (Price Drop)

These will go on eBay by this wednesday if no one decides to buy em.

These Have To GO.
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I have 2 vouchers for roundtrip tickets on JetBlue. They don’t have a predetermined destination, and you can choose the starting and ending locations from any city that offers JetBlue. Which is pretty much almost every major city. I gave these to my parents, but they couldn’t find the time to use them, and I couldn’t use em. So I plan to sell them to you SRK. There is a catch, They have to be used by December 5th, and unfortunately Jetblue is not available in Philly, so NEC9 is sort of outta the question, unless you go down with some NJ/NY heads of any other surrounding areas.

I’m asking for 400 each, or 800 bucks altogether. (Including Shipping) This might seem steep, but these can be used from almost every major city to city and they are roundtrip as well. These even extend to Puerto Rico and such.

http://www.jetblue.com/wherewejet/ Here is a map of all available locations. You can pick any 2 cities that are available, and there are alot.

If you really want, I can take the 10 bucks of the price for shipping and simply scan the images to you. The 10 bucks is too extra pad these vouchers with some overpriced USPS padded mailers. I have not used these, and these are still available. I have some SRK feedback with various members, and I have eBay feedback as well. http://myworld.ebay.com/ddeuceswild/

I take Paypal and Money Order. If you’re interested, please contact soon as time is limited with these.


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Very nice resource - thank you.

Very nice resource - thank you. ------ Bob Richman (nike shoes).

Doh, no service to Medford OR :frowning:

$450 doesn’t seem too bad IMO, especially if you’re booking things around the last minute when shit gets crazy expensive. Hope someone takes it up.

oh i wish i could really

Any reason you can’t?

money of course

hey ulovemike, you could try at a different angle, the lucky buyer could schedule you to come over and visit! you name is ulovemikeroch, I presume your mike, so set up a date, and whomever pays 450 bucks, gets you, hopefully a hot girl will win, but not likely X_X, lol And you can play games with the person, the come back, Lol…

Yeah, SRK barely has any females, let alone hot ones.

hey might be interested, be back later to let you know

so only in the US only? no other countrys?

U.S and the surrounding island countries/ U.S territories. Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba, etc. They also go to one spot in Mexico, Cancun.


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where do you live?

Right outside of Philly, PA.

Bump for SB3 even though I don’t think it goes directly to the area that it’s located in.