Frustration Fest

As each day goes on, my frustration level rises. I love SFIV to death. Play it a few hours a day. But the controller just isn’t doing the trick at all. My inputs don’t even come out sometimes. Ultras never come out when I need them. I input the ultra and then my guy is just standing there like a loser waiting to get attacked.

BTW, I use Blanka. And nothing pisses me off more than someone jumping into the corner where I am when I am already charged for an ultra and it doesn’t work. Sometimes regular charges don’t work. I end up doing that low duck or whatever.

I played on my friends TE Stick and wow. Ultras on command everytime. So crisp. Like it’s ment to be. =[

Any tips?? >.>

Post on the right forum next time.
But even if you had done that, your thread would be closed anyway, so blah.

So it’s the new thing to troll these forums with OMG STICK IS SO MUCH EASIER!!!111oneone