Frustrating accidental backflips

Anyone else ever have this problem?

to kara-throw, I press HK+LK~LP. I press HK with my pinkie, LK with my thumb and LP with my indow. Sometimes one of the fingers inbetween brushes MK, and I get back flip and give my opponent a free combo.

or plinking into standing roundhouse. I usually plink it by hitting HK with my ring finger and MK with my my middle. Sometimes my pointer will brush LK and I give them a free combo.

Or plinking into c.MP or c.HP, p much same deal but with a longer backflip

Even with charge characters, SFIV has some retardedly big input windows.

Yes, the whole SFIV series has outrageously huge input windows, but it’s quite transparent that the reason this is is because Capcom played to the masses this time around instead of the loyal base. Anyway, do you use a controller or a fight stick? Because if need be you could always switch your button inputs around so this doesn’t happen.