Frontpage Ads on mobile

I get a mobile ad served on the frontpage that constantly redirects me to a scam website. Similar ads pop up from time to time. Can’t read any article because of that. Maybe get in touch with your ad provider or move on to a more reliable one :frowning:

I am having the exact same issue unfortunately :frowning: When I use my mobile phone to access the front page, the site looks as though it is loading as normal but then I am suddenly redirected to random sites that are serving me dodgy looking ads. Some ads try to get me to subscribe to content. Luckily I have switched off this feature by contacting my mobile service provider otherwise there is a chance you automatically start a subscription if you accidently press on an ad without being careful.

I tried to do some research online to find out about how to prevent this from happening but not matter what I do, every time I try to access on my mobile, I am still redirected.
I found a site that has a neat guide on how to make your website friendlier for mobile phones and the digital guide also listed some tools you can use to check a particular site:

The site explains that the vast majority of citizens (America) own smartphones and use their mobile in order to check sites regularly. I tested one of the links on the page to check if this site was mobile friendly (Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test) and it gave good results saying it is optimised for mobile devices :slight_smile: Another tool also gave good results so it is strange that we are afflicted with the intrusive mobile ads.

The guide mentions that, one of the disadvantages of an extra mobile site is the fact that it must be maintained individually. Apparently, changes made on the desktop version don’t automatically transfer to the mobile one. Maybe the administrators have forgot to maintain the mobile page or need to get in contact with the ad provider as suggested in the OP?

Hope this can get fixed as soon as possible. Reading new exclusive fighting game news from this site is something a look forward to every day :slight_smile:

Has this been solved for anyone else yet? I still cannot access on my mobile phone. Like I posted earlier, the site starts to load normally but RIGHT before it seems to have loaded fully, I am automatically redirected to a page with adverts. It also does not help pressing back once the ad page is shown.

It happens with the Google search bar function but fine with Pale Moon directly.

The Ad hasn’t been served to me for a while now, may be just personal luck. No response from the Devs yet though, so i dunno if they did something.