I’m sure everyone has seen ads for this new Fox show…I guess it’s supposed to be the next X-Files.
JJ Abrams is involved, so it can’t be so shitty.

First few minutes…and I don’t want to fly anymore.

WTF… that is all. Also, wasn’t there an old thread somewhere?

I did a search first to see…it didn’t register.
If there is one, mods feel free to close this one.

haha i see where fox used up its budget. lol. invisible skin=cool visual.

haha yess…just as i hoped…an hour of joshua jackson talking shit to everyone lol.

Missed the first five, and im lost.

fringe science=freaky science.

this episode revolved around the bitch’s partner being blown up and had his skin turn invisible. she had to go solve the case and turn him back to normal. i was nearly 10-15 min late and i got it.

Oh damn…that’s a twist.

i know haha.

car chase=best chase scene on tv

lol the hatian…j.j. loves the hatian.

So…Will Richard Abbadon no longer be on Lost? (The guy who played the Homeland Security agent is played by the same actor.)

id assume not if hes on this show and this takes place in boston.

Pretty decent show, definitely feels like X-files for a new generation.

i kinda didnt like the robotic hand bein cg…x files would jim hendersoned that shit.

I hope the female lead can learn to say no to the old dude at some point. Old man basically punked her ass the entire show, “Get me a cow, some drugs, my fucking old crib and strip to your underwear while I stick this metal bar in you.”

He will probably still appear. He never stays for long anyway so he can make an appearance once in a while.

w/e if i was the old dude i’d be like…suck my dick…its for science! :woot:

well it wasnt bad, but damn it was short.

90 min is not short, plus they had limited commercials.

it start at 7pm? damn, i caught it at 8, lol, no wonder i didnt get it.

no it was 8-9:35 1hour 35 min. i think thats pretty good for a premiere.

O deng. It’s Miguel from Oz. Lol…his voice is weird.

I love how everyone who was a prisoner on Oz played a cop on some other show.