Friend maining balrog,bison,ken,anyone is driving me insane

Hi everyone, my first post here after reading alot.

The thing is, i have this friend and we both started sf around the same time. i have a few years of tekken experience so i should be having the advantage in terms of instincts etc.

But for some reason he always wins, he beat me 20-1 a few days ago. The dude is technically horrible and seems to just wait for me to do something and then just rushes me with anything and doesn’t stop ever, just did an attack? he just follows it up with more jabs or whatever.
So i tried poking back with LP or LK, which kind of helped getting my rythm back, but even then, he doesn’t stop, and that doesn’t do alot of damage.

I tried grabbing more, but since he jabs me before i can get close that doesn’t work too often.

I just hit him with a TKCS? he gets a jab in before me every time, am i just being slow?
don’t i have the advantage in that situation?

<start of angry rant>
the guy is pissing me off so much i want to smash his face in with every sharp object i can find and it doesn’t stop there.
I just feel constantly mocked when playing him, he makes stupid noises and starts with his fucking mouthbreathing as soon as he sees an opening, like a little kid unwrapping his N64, it’s like he’s constantly laughing in my face going: hah hah i beat your serious peace of shit ass by just bumrushing you like a mad cow in heat hah hah.

no problems against serious high level players, i love getting my ass handed to me 50 times in a row by someone who is actually better than me in terms of skill, but i feel this is something different, but i might be blinded by rage.

Rage negates skill. Calm down to see what you’re doing wrong. You’re cancelling into cannonstrike too early on the TKCS if he’s jabbing you out of it. Also, have you tried dping him when he gets too pressure happy?

I think you just need work on your fundamentals. Not much else to go off of. Maybe upload a replay?

well i tried dping, but the problem is his punches seem to interupt my inputs. CS just won’t come out most of the time. Maybe my timing is off but i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Recording a match isn’t an option. we play offline only. He doesn’t have sf4 at home.

I noticed though that turtling helps alot. I stay calm and can get some free lp/lk’s in without getting hit too much.
As soon as i start attacking with specials, the shit hits the fan and i get hit alot, so i don’t and my damage output is only meh.

Cammys specials are unsafe. You can’t go into brain-dead mode with her like you can with boxer, for example. You need to upset your opponent’s rythm. When I get beaten by someone who doesn’t seem all that special, it’s usually because I went into some kind of flowchart he was just ready for. Even unpredictability can become predictable if you follow the same pattern. And since he’s your friend and plays you a lot, that works to his advantage.

So what can i do? he can just use his specials anytime, especially with balrog, who gets pushed back after a hit connects, so he’s safe almost the whole time. it gets me doubting myself, because every action i take, i get hit. When i try psychological warfare such as high defense and repeating pokes and hit n’ run tactics he starts getting a bit more unstable but he just doesn’t care that much because he keeps winning cause of higher damage output.

i need some kind of mind fuck, some mixup to confuse him and annoy him even further.
i want to annoy the hell outta him.

If he’s mashing jab like you say he is, then he’s not crouch teching, and you should throw more. If this the case, then maybe your TKCS mixup game needs work, or maybe you’re not using any frame traps. He can’t do dash punches if you’re playing footsies. And he definitely cannot do any obvious dash punches past mid screen, assuming your reflexes are good enough and you’re acquainted with your ultra trigger.

See what I mean? There’s too many variables that could be going on. We have to see some of your matches to see what’s really going on. Get a webcam or something.

well you’ve helped me enough already…

i do think i need some more practice, but now i know what to focus on:

  • reactive ultras to his dash attacks
  • Keep playing footsies/hit n run to piss him off
  • try to get more throws in and mix it up with TKCS
  • work on my bnb, maybe learn the sako combo and the other one i saw on here posted along with it.
  • play more matches online with other people to gain confidence.

this is my plan, and i will report back some time later (with or without recorded gameplay)

thanks for your help bros

No good against boxer and his stupid cr. jab. :slight_smile:

jab mashing balrogs are a pain in the ass to me. It’s not that I can’t beat them, I just don’t have fun.

That being said you have to do something to keep them from mashing jab. Go for throw, go for dive kick to stand strong. Even on trade you should be able to combo (I think? try cr. MK without arrow the first few times). If you have meter go for DP FADC. Do the DP motion right after you connect with the dive kick.

Also with balrog’s jab dash straight, Cammy can punish with stand jab -> spiral arrow. I’ve gotten to be ~70% with the success of hitting that punish. Start with the stand jab punish, see where it goes.

DP him, EX DP him, block and punish, taunt. Maybe next time he’ll block, rinse repeat until he learns.

choose Ken and do fierce shoryu to his mash jabs. :slight_smile:

anyhow. not sure. Just practice fundamentals and don’t just rush in unless your friend is pure noob.

have you tried pokes like Standing HK?