Friend doesnt have windows xp cd key

so i got a friend that, his comp needed to be reinstalled. but he doesnt have a windows cd key. i got the windows disk but how can we get a cd key to reinstall his comp?

they have special tool that reveal your current serial and they are free belarc advisor for one

IT at my company uses it all the time

or you can do a google for revealing serials hope this helps

Use the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder or RockXP to retrieve it. Both should work. That first app has a goofy as hell name but I used it regularly at my last job.

If he registered his copy, can’t he just call Microsoft?

Much less of a hassle to just use a keyfinder, assuming he can boot into windows at all.

problem is we already started installing it and now we cant get back in the pc. were just in the window were it asks for the product key. so unless theres another way to get the key were fuked. isnt there another way we cnat boot into windows right now

Did you already format the drive? If not then you may be able to make a BartPE CD (Bootable XP CD), put Magic Jellybean on a flash drive and run it from there. Otherwise you’re probably out of luck.

Today’s lesson: Make sure to back up anything important before you format. Like, oh, the key to reinstall… :wink:

what if i give him my key would it work? bc he is installing windows with my disk.

That’s technically copyright infringement but it will more than likely work. It will probably also pass activation unless you’ve angered the gods of Microsoft.

EDIT: Never mind I got my point across.

I was under the impression we were keeping this legitimate. If he wanted to use a key generator etc. I assumed he could have Google’d that pretty easily.

can u guys pm me the details this is new to me id really appreciate it. or just aim me at blazeu25

If you have a legitimate key, just call Microsoft.

just fixed the pc. but now i have another problem lol. we need the motherboard drivers and he doesnt have disks for it. i tried Google it but i just cant find the drivers for this motherboard. maby u guys r familer with it. all i saw on the MB, says Winfast 761gxk8mb. i can find the drivers for that model. any of u guys can help bc we need them drivers asap we have no sound lol

Then there is no problem right? :looney:

This page is in English, but I’m not sure what your native language is from your posts. But here are your drivers:

lol srry i forgot the t

damn the website u gave me the sound drivers dont work >< havent tried anything else. dl link is dead i think.

edit. nvm it fixed by itself lol. thnks alot man i appricate it helped alot^^

Sure sure.

doesnt let me install the drivers. i go to setup.exe and then when i press next it just closes on me.