Friday Night FERVAGOS! (SSF4 & MVC3 Casuals in the TUSTIN area))

MISSION** STATEMENT: **My goal with these sessions is to cultivate winners out of OC. Ultimately; this hobby is all about enjoyment, having fun and kicking some ass! I’m going to turn the sessions into serious events where everyone is going to benefit from the play. What fun is street fighter if you never win anyway? These sessions are for the FGC and also for some of my friends that are top players that want to train for this upcoming EVO. There are all levels of skill in our current circle of players but we would like to increase that level with other TOP players from OC.

Maximum Capacity is 10 Reason being that I want to test the waters for the moment so please post if you want to participate we will increase the capacity if things are smooth during the first 2 sessions I will post the list on Friday morning with first ten names that decide to sign up. This is first come-first serve. I will pm the address to people on the final list here on SRK.


  1. It’s going to be free to come and play, but I will be accepting donations to help out with the power bill.

  2. If you didn’t sign up for the session please don’t bother showing up. Don’t make me be a dick and tell you to leave. It’s not that hard to sign up for SRK and post in the thread. I encourage everyone to make an SRK account please. SO ONLY SHOW UP IF YOU SIGN UP.

  3. PLEASE, respect my apartment, equipment, My FAM (Wife & Mom), and neighbors.

  4. Please be as clean as possible. If you use the bathroom please point you shit correctly bro or sit down to pee. Don’t leave a mess I’m sure you don’t do that at your house :wink:

  5. Please keep chairs as orderly as possible.

  6. Throw your trash away before you leave! **Do not leave your trash laying around my house. My house is not a fucking trash can. If you are done eating or need to throw away some trash I have a trash can in the kitchen **

  7. ASK QUESTIONS!!! There’s a lot of knowledge stored in the players here, asking simple questions can lead to the greatest breakthroughs in your gameplay.

  8. Please do not shout out obscenities (But stay hype!)

  9. Friendly shit talking is highly encouraged.

  10. Feel free to bring some drinks/food/snacks, people really appreciate it.

  11. Have some class, if someone says gg, or wants to shake your hand after a match, please at least acknowledge them.

  12. Learn how to take criticism! If I, or another player that knows what they’re talking about, yell at you for doing something really retarded over and over again… There’s a very high chance you need to stop doing that and reevaluate your game. No matter how harsh I may sound, at the end of the day we are all friends and I just want everyone to get better. So grow some hair on your peaches, and take the criticism in a positive way.

As a final note, If any of these rules are violated in any way/shape/form, I will ban you. So check your Shenanigans at the door, don’t fuck up, and let’s all get better.

**6:30pm – 11:45pm **

There’s a brake to go eat at 8pm there are lots of restaurants in the area but there is a lady that sells bomb-ass tacos less then a block from my apartment. We usually go there, cant go wrong with $1 tacos.

**EVERYONE MUST BE OUT BY MIDNIGHT **And when I mean out I mean don’t want to have a group of people inside my house talking about how there day was.

----------------------------------Current Setup Status---------------------------------------

We are always in need of an extra monitor and TWO Systems to play on.

42" LCD TV
26" CRT TV
1 PS3
1 PS3 TE
1 PS3 Tekken Stick
1 PS3 stick
1 360 Hori stick MOD

---------------------------------------Location and Contact info---------------------------------

Closest Cross-Streets are Newport and McFadden in Tustin

Sign me up. =D