Free xbox live!

yup i got 1 or 2 of these layin around for 2 months. any1 who doesnt have live will get dibs 1st!

also im gonna change my tag since its about to expire…any ideas for new tags?

I’ll take one I wanna try out the service since i always hear it’s good. Anyway what would I need to play on live? Thanks. You can PM me

gimme gimme!

Can you send it to my via pm or email?


I’ll take one if you got one still.


i would ask for one, but i can’t even get my hands on an xbox. every store i go to has been sold out. :frowning:

k Napp ill pm u the code soon. hope u have a CC to start live. THC ill looking for the other 1 unless i only had two?
do u guys know how to cancel a gamertag?
no new name XB tags ideas? yesh greedy pigs just want somthing for free! :sad:

Thnx a lot, but I think I got everything I need to start.

Not sure if this is still going but… I’d go for it? Get a chance to have my ass handed to me online by you guys… lol

so u dont need it?

Baku: Where do u live in south wales? i didnt know there were any SF players here anymore.

No, what I meant is that I have everything I need (I think). All that i need now is the code. So send it whenever u can. Thnx