Free PS3 SE Guile Stick Art

So i was going to make my SE stick green and have this guile art, but as you may have seen from my other thread, that project eventually became a TE stick. I also eventually couldnt live with the fact that my stick art was going to be a widely available wallpaper that i didnt make. So this is kinda just sitting here for no reason. In good faith to the Guile Community, I offer this to whoever messages me first for it for free so long as you cover the shipping costs (Which would be like 3 bucks tops)

This was printed and laminated. This isnt Lami-label. To apply this, you will have to get spray adhesive or whatever other method you want to use to stick this thing on. This is ONLY for the PS3 as the buttons are labeled (Unless you dont really care in which case go ahead. This art is also already cut to fit onto the stick, you just have to cut out the button holes and turbo area You should cut the holes SLIGHTLY larger then the exact size to avoid bubble spots. For the turbo area tho you can cut exact size. And i put scotch tape on the sides to preserve the art, you can take that off.



I also have the PSD file for this in case anyone wants it, altho it requires close to no work to put together lol Just throwing that out there.

EDIT: I didnt realize that i never made this clear, the PSD for this one is just the original picture resized and the button layers placed correctly for the SE edition. I do not own the PSD for the image used in the background. If you wish for that one, please contact BossLogic who is the artist. Sorry.

I do… Want the psd lol. I’m going to mod it to be blue instead of green.

Thanks in advance!

I would also like the PSD. I really like the background and would like to use it in my template.