Free Premium SF3 avatars

no, i wont make them non-premium size.

And, this isn’t part of any series… but I made it a while ago…

Super Turbo
Guilty Gear

one of those series will be next… But AHHH dunno which ones…

BTW: In case somebody wants to ask…
I will NOT do one for KoF, MvC2, or CvS2, or anything with either 3D sprites OR an insane number of characters. lol

just for chibi, i MIGHT do one with MBAC. lol

Those are really fucking good. Nice job. I love the way you did the background for them.

That Ibuki one is absurdly fuckin sexy man, good job.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Akiha: Did I accidentally neg rep you? I was going around pos’ing people, and when I clicked your name, nothing happened… I went to go neg rep somebody and the screen went all funky, so I think I might have negged you by accident.

I would have complimented more, but you re-depped me for absolutely no reason, making me have 2 strikes, and I dont particularly like that. xD

**Very well done. **

**That hugo one is comedy :rofl: :rofl: **

…and a vote for guilty gear!

@akiha: see edit. lol
@christ0pher: thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, okay. Thats alright then. Can you answer me one thing though; what does it mean that I’m on strike 2? oo; I’m guessing Strike 3 has nothing to do with 3S xD

Can someone rep me to get me off red?

go to the thread for premium kharma, and ask people to pos you…
strike two doesn’t mean shit… don’t worry about it. neg rep doesn’t equate to infractions, so you’ve technically done nothing wrong.

I already got derepped at the premium kharma thread for accidently posting the wrong color text? o_o what a dumb reason to de-rep xD

lol. just leave it black and people wont notice stupid shit like that… it’s easier to see on all the skins too in black… personally, since I use the default skin, i have to highlight your text to read it or i’ll be straining my eyes.

Wrong color text? Say what! Anywho I gave you some pos. rep.

Mixah: Your welcome

Thanks Chris! And yea, I got de-repped. The message was like this;

Anime Av + Anime Sig + Anime Name + Red Text = YOU FAIL

… thing is. My Avvie and my name are both from Melty Blood… Tsukihime is the anime, sure but the game is more than welcome to be a fighting game… seeing as its a fighting game I see no reason to de-rep. Plus, anime doesn’t suck. My name is from Melty Blood aswell. And so what if I watch anime? o.O I live in Japan. Try watching the news for 4 hours and see how boring it is.

I hate when people derep for dumb reasons.

Plus, Chris, I’l pos rep you. <3

Anime’s kinda gay… who was it that negged you?

correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t Tsukihime some hentai shit?

personally i think they would have came out better without the added effects on the sprites [but i always thought those kinds of things slapped onto sprites were tacky, regardless of how it was done] but the majority of these are very well done. hugo one is dope!

Gorath. Has an infraction for insulting people. o_O

Gorath does… and Magnetro tends to neg me for whatever reason at times…

@woof: Thanks for the input. I had an effect in there, and on some of them, it looked good… but for example, on the chun li one, it looked like a giant parade of cum about to attack her.

hahaha, i remember seeing that!

It’s not like she’s not in a ‘sexual position’ though. She looks like she’s inviting SOME kind of a fuck over. xD

dude… it’s bukaki to a new extreme