FREE JOYSTICK CASE RAFFLE ! 25th poster will win this case absolutely free!

No strings. I’m just feeling generous today. The 25th poster of this thread, by any means possible will win this joystick made by samurai and heavily abused by myself. Plexi on top and bottom is cracked. Fits Sanwa JLF, 6 -30mm buttons, 2 - 24mm buttons on front. Art is easy to replace. Needs some TLC. All you have to do is paypal me $15 for priority shipping!

Good luck!!!

Waits for mods to delete all but 24 posts before theirs.

posting !!

posting yet again

lol 25th pm wouldve been better lots of spam here

its easier to count on here and adds an element of competition lol. plus the spam should be over by the end of the day haha.


bumpp!!! nm fuk it i dont need a box, hopefully it goes to someone who needs it

lol money

money lol

sneak attack!!

Edited: nevermind. 25 posts is only a page.

And no I won’t delete posts to be 25th.

thanks for letting this slide mod.

posting again

and again


free stuff is always good

hi guys

hello monte


so what’s up with this thread, pretty crazy huh