FREE Gran Turismo 3 Steering Wheel

Hey all,

I am moving and I need to get rid of my Gran Turismo steering wheel and pedals. It is the official wheel for GT3 made by Logitech. It has BARELY been used, and is in pretty much new condition. The only thing is that it needs a power adapter. It can run off of most any standard adapter. It goes with the PS2 of course (USB connection). It has the original box, but no instructions booklet.

Anyway, if any GT fans want it, please let me know. All you have to do is send me the money for the shipping. (which will be determined by where you live of course)

It is just taking up space and I dont want to throw away a perfectly good steering wheel.

nothing better than free

If TF doesn’t get it, I could use it for some GT love! I have all the games O_o. And can’t wait for prologue

cool, well then I will give TF a week or so to send the shipping money. If he decides he doesnt want it or something, then pc1x1 will be next in line.

TF: I will give you a shipping total tomorrow.

Add me to the waiting list.

Being a former GT Junkie, I feel that everyone should know about the minor flaw it has.
Under the Driving Force section (not pro).

I don’t know if the braking problem exists for games other than GT3/GTP/GT4 as I didn’t really use it for any other game. I’d do the quick fix anyways just to be safe =).

P.S. Akumachan, if this post bugs you in any way, lemme know and I’ll get rid of it.

<— Waiting list.

no worries :slight_smile: Your post is actually very interesting. I didnt know about that. I never encountered it when I used the wheel. However, honestly, I only used the wheel about 5 times ever. It has spent most of the past years in a box in storage. I was always too lazy to put together a good setup for it.

loves GT2 best

akuma add me to that list. if i’m lucky enough to have it fall my way i can get you the money asap.