Free Comic Book Day 5/5/12! MEGA MAN IS DOWN!

May 5th 2012 will be the greatest day of the year. No not because it’s Cinco De Mayo and you are allowed to get drunk out of your mind that day! Well maybe because of that too. :lol:

This Saturday is FREE Comic Book Day! :clapdos:

If this is your first trip to the FREE Comic Book Day rodeo lol here’s how it works. Walk into any participating comic book store in the United States (and most of them are participating but please call them up to make sure ahead of time, or use the locater on the link of the bottom of this post) and they will give you FREE comics!

Note that every store does things differently. Some stores will only give one free comic. :tdown: Other stores will give you anywhere from 2 comics or more (the most I’ve ever gotten from one spot is 8). :tup: Some stores stick to the list (see below) of free comics and some of them go off the list and give you other comics for free!

This Free Comic Book Day is extra special because Archie is giving out the first issue of Mega Man FOR FREE! It’s the first time a Capcom comic book property has gotten down with the event so much love to Archie Comics. It’s a great adaptation and if you haven’t checked out the Mega Man comic yet well here’s your chance to read the first issue, FOR FREE!

And here’s the list of FREE comics that will be handed out that day -

So visit as many stores as you can and if you haven’t seen it by then check out the Avengers movie too. Make a fun day out of it! :party:

Wait a minute, I think I forgot to mention this. IT’S FREE! :rofl:

Aw yeah, Sano!
Told my brother to get EVERY FCBD issue he can from a nearby shop in the area he lives in, in the UK.

Visited Jim Hanley’s first in NYC where they only gave out three books so I made sure I got Avengers, Spider-Man and Mega Man.

Then I visited Midtown Comics and they gave everyone those three books, every other FCBD book and a bunch of extra comics!

Would’ve visited more stores but it’s raining here in New York City so pretty much calling it a day. Got all the FCBD books anyway. Midtown rules! :smiley:

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The Archaia hardcover was obviously the cream of the crop in terms of FCBD offerings. What a nice package, and hardcover to boot.

I also snagged the 2000 AD mag. The Chris Weston short story at the end was the best 5 pages I read all weekend.