Frank Frazetta (1928-2010)

I am at a loss for words. In the short time that I have been exposed to his artwork, he has become an immense source of inspiration. I only hope, that one day, I can become as great an artist as he was. On this day, the world has lost a true legend.

Rest in peace, Fritz. I will miss you dearly.

I love his Conan artwork. I just read this coffee table book, Conan the Phenomenon, last month and it had several glorious spreads of his Conan paperback covers.

No one has done more to elevate the status of Conan and barbarian lore. It’s sad to hear that he’s gone but at least he lead a full and long life. RIP Fritz.

Here’s hoping for an afterlife where Frank Frazetta and Robert E. Howard can sit down and have a nice long chat.

I will watch Fire and Ice again in his memory.

All I have is an old, ratty book with some of his earlier sketches and many of his more famous paintings. Some day, I’d like to get one of those massive hardcover reference books so I can experience all of his godlike work.

Excellent write-up:

Here’s another nice piece of work, an analysis of Frazetta’s style. I enjoyed reading this, because I can’t draw at all.

Thanks for sharing those links, Zephyranthes. I particularly enjoyed the artistic analysis of his technique, because it helped me to understand why I enjoy his work so. Also, I discovered that Frazetta and I are alike in that he created from memory, rather than relying on references. I can still remember the disapproving sighs and frowns from my high school art teacher as I tried to explain that I found that method to be much more rewarding. Until now, I’ve often wondered if she was right. However, now that I know one of my heroes shared the same approach, my confidence is supremely bolstered.

Here is a massive interview conducted by Gary Groth, if anyone is interested.

This is the first time I found out about this artist. Sure, I’ve seen his name floating around before, but I never realized how influential he was until I saw his art in almost everything. I hear he didn’t even use anatomical references.

I have death dealer up in my room. :frowning: Great work

Yeah, he will be missed. He was my favorite artist of all time.

I have a poster myself hanging on my bedroom door.