Frank +dormammu asist to LV4

Hi, guys I was wondering if anyone of you that still play umvc3 could help me out, I’m trying to get frank to level 4 after a TAC doing the (M, QCF +L )X 3 series, S grounding, ,backdash,calling dormammu asist, dragon punch motion+M, camera shot again.
The hard thing for me is to time the first camera shot after the asist call so there’s enough time to input the f,d,df +M after the camera, too soon the assist doesn’t hit, too late, the kick doesn’t get them. Any tips?

I used to play this pairing, it’s really just about practicing enough to learn the timing. It’s kind of a specific string, and I can’t think of any tips that would help you get the timing down perfectly. Just go into Training Mode and keep on trying until you can get it, and memorize that timing. :confused: