FRANCE-Stunfest 2007

Hi everybody, I am Waldo, a french player (playing CVS2 and Street3 particulary), i would like to talk to you about the Stunfest 2007, a huge tournament we will organise at April 28-29.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions, we really hope to see many of you guys, best french players will be pleased to fight against you!

Here is the announce!!!

Stunfest '07 ? Battles of Roazhon

At long last, it is time we steered things up again. We hope you had enough time to recover from last year edition, take some time to sleep, train and yet take a deep breath between your hectic training sessions. But, now it is time to realize that you have but 2 months to finish your training and get ready for an intense week end of competition.
This year, for the third time in a row, 3hitcombo along with N?tss N?tss, RenLAN and the most active French communities will offer 48 hours of non-stop gaming that you have never dreamed of before.
The positive feedback from last year and the number of people coming induced us into making a bigger event with the help of other associations. Stunfest 2007 will offer new activities in addition to fighting games tournaments: musical, shooting and arcade games.
The tournament area will clearly be isolated from the rest and each game will have its own space that will be kept running during the whole week-end. All the ingredients are available, the only thing missing is you! And now we know we can trust you to be there!

General information

Location: RENNES, France. More information soon.

Dates: from 04/28 10 am to 04/29 7 pm (non-stop). The night will be fully dedicated to casual play.

Accommodation: More information soon.

No entry fees. Only the tournaments require payment.

Tournament prices:

16 players: 1st gets 50?, 2nd 15?
32 jplayers:1st gets 100?, 2nd 30?
64 players: 1st gets 200?, 2nd 60?
* - Third Strike
* - CVS 2
* - Soul 3
* - KOF XI
* - Guilty
* - Tekken 5**

“SIMPLE SOLO” 5? (No cash prize !)
* - KOF 98
* - VF 5
* - HNK
* - Garou Mark of the Wolves**

“TEAM” 4? per player
* - Third Strike
* - Super X
* - Soul 3
* - KOF XI


Saturday April 28th

2 pm

*** Soulcalibur 3 (PS2)
* The King Of Fighters XI (PS2)
* Street Fighter 3 Third Strike(PS2)
* Dance Dance Revolution (PS2/Arcade)**

5 pm

*** Capcom VS SNK 2 (Arcade)
* The King Of Fighters 98 (Neo Geo)
* Guilty Gear XX Slash (PS2)
* Garou Mark of the Wolves (Arcade/Neo Geo)**

9 pm
* Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3)
* Super Street Fighter 2 X TEAM 2 VS 2 (PS2/Arcade)
* Hokuto No Ken (PS2)

Sunday April 29th

2 pm

**Street Fighter 3 Third Strike TEAM 3 VS 3 (PS2)
Soulcalibur 3 TEAM (PS2)
The King Of Fighters XI TEAM 2 VS 2 (PS2)
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (PS3)
Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)


Registration for Stunfest 2007 is now open. Please use the following mail:

In order to facilitate our registration process, please follow our procedure:

mail title: your nickname
body of the message:
->Last name
->Surname/First name
->Nickname (once again)
->Name of the tournament you want to register for (make sure you register for the right tournament and do not create a tournament of your own)
->Team name if you register for a team tournament. The team name has to remain politically correct and should not offend anyone.
->Your everyday email address in case we needed more information



- The ?bam, in your face dude? area:
A big stage with a versus-city cabinet and a large screen for the finals. A big room with arcade cabinets: Versus-city, Naomi universal cabs and astrocity cabs. These cabinets will provide you with mvs, cps3, Naomi or atomiswave games (and many more). 50 TV and gaming systems for the tournaments and casual play.

- The ?touindin? area:
Dance Dance Revolution tournaments: style and score (beginner or expert), challenges, Para Paradise, Pop ?n Music, Donkey Konga

- The ?headshot? area:
A local Area Network competition for 50 computers.
The ?insert coin? area:
The arcade area in partnership with Neo Arcadia and Arcaland.

- The ?honk honk? area:
Car games and possibly a challenge.

- The ?red turtle shell? area:
Nintendo-league will organize tournaments (Super Smash Bros Melee and Naruto 4) and casual play.

- The leisure area:
Food and beverages will be available at affordable prices. You will be able to take a deep breath in your hectic week end in France.

vive la france!!! Go BillyKane!!! hahaha and Pecheur too!!!

Billykane will probably be here, still don’t know for Pecheur…but lots of others players will try to defeat them.

Garou nice, you guys planning to film all of this?

does france players ever attend evo? just a question

Sure, all the finals will be filmed, I’ll post you later the links.

I don’t know exactly, some players have already said they’d try to go but i still don’t know what they’ll do for this year (it woould be great that Yamazaki93 for example
could come)

So, no one intersted by the Stunfest?:confused:
Remember there will be free acommodation.

Here is our trailer (sorry it’s in french)

The short version :

And the adress of the location of the Stunfest :

Espace des Deux Rives
4 alle Georges Palante
35000 Rennes

SBO -> kof98 this year
why don’t we give attention to it (cash prize) instead kofXI?

wassup waldo i think its great that the fighting scene in europe is going strong
but for events like this it needs to get sticked and posted probably 3-6 months in advance so people can plan the international trip. and if the prizes were translated to american currency to get peoples attention. good luck hope you guys make it to evo

hi there :slight_smile:

I’m the one in charge of the event. First of all, thanks for the support :slight_smile:

I understand it’s not easy for you guys to come here for this event. We do our best to make it the most appreciated fighting games tournament in europe.

This year’s edition is going to gather most of the best french and european players. Cash prize won’t be huge, depends on the number of players… and the games (it sure will be interesting for 3.3, tekken 5 dr…)

One thing is confirmed: if you don’t come over here this year, be sure there will be a stunfest '08, and that we’ll make it even better whatever happens!

Anyway, we would be glad to welcome some of you US players around there, be sure that we would help accomodating you, and make these few days a real “stunfest” for you gamers :wgrin:

@masterjimmy -> kof XI is still the most played kof around here… even if 98 has always been the kof nobody forgot… Maybe 98 is becomin the “super T-like” of the kof series… anyway if we don’t make CP for it, that’s because people can’t always afford paying high tournament fees, so we make tournaments for everybody, considering which games are the most appreciated.

see you soon, @evo or in france!


edit: wow. I subscribed srk in oct 2004 and this is my first post… shame on me!

I see, for sure we will announce you the Stunfest earlier next year!
However if some of you might be interested, don’t hesitate, as SRG said it, we will find a solution for the accomodation.

All the Best!

Hi everyone, the Stunfest is over since last week, that was huge, great and very fun!

Here are the complete results, all the finals have been recorded, i’ll post them to you when it will be ready!

We hope to see many of you next year!

rsults :

3.3 solo :

  1. BillyKane
  2. Pcheur
  3. KX
  4. Kilmor

3.3 team :

  1. Team Frionel, Scavs, Yamazaki 93
  2. Team Marcel, Pcheur, Akra
    3 draw: team VHD, SLS, CCL
    3draw : team BBoy Long, Kilmor, KX
    5draw : team BK, nyto, huang
    5draw : team Kaoh, Niabanh, Kendo
    5draw : team Maxence, Leo, MWA
    5draw : team Wal, Doucle b’or, Shizuma

Guilty gear slash :

  1. Baykou
  2. Ryukim
  3. Dream Maker
  4. K.B
    5 draw: Oro, Fallen Eye, Millia Camo

CVS 2 :

  1. Yamazaki 93
  2. IK rugal
  3. Lord DVD

kof 11 solo :

  1. 2pac
  2. Frionel
  3. Kenpashi
  4. Dooms

Kof 11 team :

  1. Dooms/Frio
  2. SLS/Kenpashi
  3. Sake/Hakim
  4. 2pac/piccolo san (forfait 3me place)

Kof 98 :

  1. Brahim
  2. Arlequin
  3. Tommy
  4. Red Scorpio


  1. Pharaon
  2. Mr Boost
  3. galit : Mamuut / Oro

HNK team :

  1. Oro / Neiji
  2. Frio / Razelle
  3. Kenpashi / SLS

Soul 3 :


soul 3 team :


VF5 :

  1. Hajin
  2. Okiron
    3 draw: Oro, Frandir

Tekken 5 DR :

  1. Jin the best
  2. Tsubasa
  3. Kuroro
  4. Serval

SS2X team :

  1. Yamazaki 93/CCL
  2. Professeur Jones/Chris Fighter
    3me drawFrio/scavs, Angel Killah/le loup


  1. Hookman
  2. Frionel
  3. Wonderboy
  4. Nono