im new at this game, and im just wondering what are the advantages of knowing the frames of the characters. and any tips on cancelling into speacial moves/super moves? its so much harder than MvC2. thanks

ok lets say i have this frame data for cammy, her jab up close:

300 +6

how do i know what i can cancel into. do i add the first two numbers to tell me that i can connect into a second jab for a two hit combo?

Buktooth uses this notation in his N-Groove Iori FAQ and explains it very well.

2/3/6 - 2 startup frames, 3 hitting frames, 6 recovery frames

300 - damage

+6 - this move finishes with a 6 frame advantage if connected ( or possibly blocked, there is different values of stun if the attack is a hit or a block, although they are often times the same on basic attacks). The 6 frame advantage is important because you can LINK another attack that has less than 6 frames of start up (like another light or medium attack).

LINK is different from CANCEL. A link is when the first attack executes completely and the second attack is comboed during the frame advantage. A CANCEL actually cancels the recovery of the first attack into another.

The data for cancels is not shown here. There are 3 types of cancels, normals/specials/super. This is usually shown with something like “x/x/o”, where a move could only be cancelled into a super.

Go read the system FAQs by JChen and Buktooth. Very good info there on things of this nature and the game in general.

ok, thanks